The dog year

The countries which have the same cultures as Chinese, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam call the name of the year with a name of twelve animals. Each name has own meaning. This year is the dog year. What does the dog image mean for the above countries?

Talking about a dog, People just think an animal which is the most loyal to master.

The duty of a dog in the home is keeping the house. Anybody goes into the house, it also barks loudly, stopping not to let him go inside. Until the host identifies and greets the visitor, it goes to the other place.

When the master comes back home, the dog goes out, waving tag, being glad. Although the master is sometimes angry, beats, dries away, the day after it is still obedient as the days before.

Because of loyal character, people having a humane heart do not eat dog meat. Perhaps because of that character, the dog is thought to be a lucky animal. Dog image appears in art kinds like the picture, statue and so on which are decorated in houses. In a big house, people usually put the two statues of dog, both to decorate and to keep, not letting evil spirits going into the house.

Dog is thought to be a peg in the family. After a hard working day, the master calls the dog coming to fondle. The dog lowers its head obediently and licks the master’s hand. The master reduces every tension.

Besides keeping house, dogs also are used to go hunting, do circus and guideway.

dog year

Eastern people think that the people with the dog age born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982…have straightforward, faithful, equal, generous, hardworking, fond of learning characters. They have high community temper, usually take care of the others. In spite of not focusing on money, they have ability earning money.

When having contradiction, they solve the problem immediately but not having feud.

People with dog age are far away from their family very early. With available cleverness, they try to get the purpose of the life.

About the life, young period is up and down unstable. In the age of forty, the business and glory start growing up.

Generally, dog is a friendly animal. It has lots of good characters like loyalty, diligence, happiness, and gentleness. This year is the dog year, we hope that success and happiness will come to every home.

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