The interesting stories about Cong Tu Bac Lieu

Cong Tu Bac Lieu was first common noun to refer the boys whose parents are rich landowners in Bac Lieu Province, South Viet Nam in 1930s and 1940s. Later, Tran Trinh Huy, the son of Tran Trinh Trach who was a great landowner in Bac Lieu, was the most famous about spending money generously, so the name of Cong Tu Bac Lieu became a proper noun to call Tran Trinh Huy. Cong Tu Bac Lieu was known as Ba Huy or Hac Cong Tu.

Tran Trinh Huy was born in 1900 and passed away in 1974. Loved much by his parents, so he had a generous character, spent money comfortably. Growing up, he asks his parents for going to France to study. In France, instead of studying Science and Technology, he studied to drive planes, cars and took part in entertainments in Europe. In 1922, he returned to Vietnam and was offered the right managing fields by his father. Since then, he had a lot of money in his hand so he spent more and more generously. Talking about him, People have many interesting stories. We have collected some stories and want to tell you for entertainment.

Car playing hobby

According to legend, Cong Tu Bac Lieu enjoyed cars, also because of his hobby he bought many cars at that time. Especially, he had a Ford Vedette used to visit the fields, and a sports car Peugeot (at that time, Vietnam only had 2 ones, one of him, the other of King Bao Dai) used to go out. Every time he went to visit fields, farmers had an opportunity to “wash eye”. Ba Huy went to any places, tenants crowded to see there because their life had never seen a car.

Hiring a Frenchman to work

Not only owning many cars, Cong Tu Bac Lieu but also hired a Frenchman to work for him. That was Henri, the husband of Mrs. Tu Nhot, a member of Tran Trinh family. Mr. Henri was a manager, running the estate for Council Trach under Controlment of Ba Huy. Under the contract, management accounts for 10% of total annual income. Therefore, Henri left the mother country, came to work for his wife’s family until April 1975.

Hobby of martial arts

Little one knows, Cong Tu Bac Lieu was very passionate about martial arts. Ba Huy did not learn the western martial arts or the traditional martial arts, but learned Thai martial arts. He went to Thailand to hire a good teacher to teach him and his brother, Tam Bo. Every day, in addition to going on sightseeing, meeting friends and visiting the field, people also saw, Cong Tu Bac Lieu practiced martial arts, danced martial arts in the yard very beautifully in the admiration of servitors.

The first man in Vietnam owning a plane

In addition to car love, Cong Tu Bac Lieu was very passionate about planes, and he was privately offered an expensive aircraft to satisfy his passion by Mr. and Mrs. Trach. At that time, in Vietnam had only 2 planes: one of Cong Tu Bac Lieu and the other of King Bao Dai. Bao Dai took the money from the national treasury. Cong Tu Bac Lieu took the money from his family. Therefore, It can be said Cong tu Bạc Lieu is the first person to have a private plane.

Burning money to cook green beans

There are many anecdotes about the contest burning money to cook green beans between Black Cong Tu and Bach Cong Tu (Le Cong Phuoc, or George Phuoc, the son of Le Cong Sung, who is a big officer in My Tho Province). The story says that the two boys fell in love with a famous beautiful girl at the time and become rivals of each other. At one time, two boys burned money to cook one kilogram of green beans, a person who completed firstly was the winner. People did not know How much money they burned, but the result, Bach Cong Tu won.

Cong Tu Bac Lieu

Cong Tu Bac Lieu House

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