Thuan Kieu Plaza – the ghost building

Thuan Kieu Plaza – the ghost building

Located in the busiest area of China Town (District 5), Thuan Kieu Plaza with 3 old blocks is known as the unique ghost building in Ho Chi Minh City. Finished in 1998, Thuan Kieu Plaza was the first apartment building in the city. This 33-story building was crowded with residents and people coming to the shopping mall. However, most people lived there have leave their apartments, no one go there to buy anything. The electric elevators are wet and dark, garbage is everywhere in the building.

One of reasons why people have left Thuan Kieu could be that apartment was designed in Hong Kong style. Investors would like to build Thuan Kieu Plaza for Hong Kong people who was thought to leave their country when Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. But most of them decided to stay because of good policies. In fact, locals don’t like Hong Kong-style apartments in Thuan Kieu Plaza which are small with low-ceiling. In addition, the corridors are dark and wet so that there is lack of air in the building. Residents felt uncomfortable and was usually sick when living there. In 2004 and 2009, there were 2 fires were reported on 3rd floor where many restaurants were located.

Most traders and shop owners lost their money in the shopping and entertainment centers. This may come from economic crisis. Shopping centers have grown in numbers in the city, management of Thuan Kieu Plaza was bad and the shopping center didn’t meet sellers and buyers expectation.

There are more and more hearsay, rumors and stories about the building. It has been said there were ghosts in Thuan Kieu Plaza. A male shot his girlfriend, then killed himself at a restaurant in Thuan Kieu Plaza. This couple has been said to still be around and usually groan. Someone saw a Chinese lady wore cheongsam went around without touching the ground. Many owners have dreamed of fires and ghosts teasing them every night. They were stress and became sick all days.

People say that the building with 3 tall thin blocks looks like 3 big incense sticks which are used to burn and pray for peace, calm and richness. Other says that the building keep ghosts and demons in China Town so that they couldn’t go out to disturb human. There is another interesting story about Thuan Kieu Plaza which has been said to be similar to a ship with 3 tall chimneys. Government built a street across the building – Pham Ngoc Thanh Street which made “Thuan Kieu ship” wreck.

Thuan Kieu Plaza The Ghost Building In Saigon

Thuan Kieu looks like 3 big incense sticks in Cho Lon (China Town) area and a ship with 3 big thin chimneys

Less and less people come to Thuan Kieu to shop and eat, residents and traders have left the building and it has become the ghost building in the city where there aren’t enough houses and apartments for people to live in. Although investors and government have done so much to save the building, they didn’t success.

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