Top 10 Beers in Vietnam

You will be surprised to know that according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, Vietnam is among the countries that consume the most beer in the world, ranking third in Asia. In the bustling atmosphere of the upcoming New Year, perhaps the amount of beer consumed will skyrocket. I do not analyze the useful and harmful problem brought to by this alcoholic beverage, but just want to share with you the Top 10 Beers in Vietnam.

1. Heineken

Ranked at the top of the table can only be Heineken, a classy beer originating from the Netherlands, not only affirming its position in Vietnam but also in the world. From 1873 up to now, Heineken has always been proud of being the most famous beer group in the world, with more than 130 breweries in more than 70 countries. Being always a leading brand, Heineken is constantly improving and perfecting not only the quality of beer but also the design to meet all the high requirements of consumers. Heineken always offers its users a whole new experience full of fun, great creativity, and a rewarding playing field that hardly any beer brands can keep up with. “It can only be Heineken” has proven enough of the influence of this beer. Actions that engage customers with products often happen to make them feel experienced and respected. In big music events, blockbuster movie announcements, international sporting events, New Year’s events, … you will immediately see the image of Heineken before your eyes.

Price: 409,000 VND (17.66 USD) / box 24 cans of 330ml


Heineken Lager Beer - Top 10 Beers in Vietnam

Heineken Lager Beer.

2. Saigon Beer

People who love Vietnamese goods seem to always love “Saigon beer” – one of the – Top 10 Beers in Vietnam. That is just the familiar generic name of the product. Maybe you do not know the Saigon beer that we usually use has 3 main types: Saigon Special Beer; Saigon beer 333, 333 Premium, 333 Export; Large Saigon beer. They are all under the Saigon Beer-Alcohol – Beverage Corporation. Saigon Beer increasingly asserted its brand not only domestically but also in the world. Saigon Beer takes product quality as the foundation, constantly changing brands to catch up with innovation trends. With a strong marketing network, Saigon Beer is present across the country, ranking third in the top 5 much-consumed beverages in Vietnam. With the motto “quality creates trust”, consumers will be satisfied with the quality that the product brings to.

Price: 240,000 VND (10.36 USD) / 24 330ml cans


Sabeco Saigon Lager Beer - Top 10 Beers in Vietnam

Sabeco Saigon Lager Beer

3. Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer is a famous beer brand of Singapore and is favored by many consumers around the world because of its high product quality, but the price is in the mid-range. Founded in 1930, Tiger Beer reaching out to more than 60 countries around the world, is increasingly asserting its position in the middle-class today. With modern production lines, selected natural ingredients imported from abroad, Tiger Beer has brought a line of golden beer with excellent quality, creating a strange feeling of refreshing for users. In addition to the traditional Tiger Beer which is a brown bottle, the brand has launched a unique new product with a luxurious design, transparent glass bottle, tall and slim shape, Tiger Crystal, a light beer for females. However, if the Tiger Crystal is frozen, the product is also a difficult challenge for men to conquer. For sure, you will be amazed by the feel of this beer.

Price: 333,000 VND (14.25 USD) / box 24 cans


Tiger Lager Beer - Top 10 Beers in Vietnam

Tiger Lager Beer.

4. Hanoi Beer (Habeco)

Hanoi beer brand (Habeco) is gradually dominating the Northern market in a unique position for many years. the main products of Habeco are Hanoi draft beer, Hanoi beer bottle 450ml red label, HANOI BEER Premium, Hanoi Beer 450ml blue label, Hanoi beer can, Truc Bach beer. Most of these products are only in the popular segment. With a strongly competitive market for both domestic and foreign beer, Habeco is constantly launching a strong advertising strategy to consolidate its brand’s position in the hearts of consumers. At the same time, product quality and product price are always issues that are concerned by many users. Therefore, in the coming time, in order to maintain its position, Habeco has to launch more drastic key business strategies.

Price: 245,000 VND (10.58 USA) / box 24 cans

Address: 183 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Phone: 024.38453843.


Hanoi Beer - Top 10 Beers in Vietnam

Hanoi Beer.

5. Larue Beer

This is a beer line in the popular segment but still retains its position in Vietnam. The product is a delicate blend in the traditional characteristic flavor of French Beer, first produced in 1909. Biere Larue has a dark yellow color, rich flavor thanks to the excellent ingredients promoted. In the secret of brewing beer from Europe. Biere Larue perfectly connects friendships, ready to bring you to different levels of emotions.
Over the past 100 years, when mentioning Biere Larue, people immediately remember the image of a famous tiger with a dark yellow color with a gentle taste that makes people unforgettable.

Price: 235,000 VND (10.15 USD) / 24 cans


Larue Beer - Top 10 Beers in Vietnam

Larue Beer.

6. Corona Beer

A beer from the beautiful country of Mexico, has a light alcohol content, only 4.6%. Just a small sip, you will feel fresh, refreshed by the mild beer taste. This beer is popular all over the world, you can not only drink directly from the bottle (adding into a stylish little slice of lemon) but also blend with tequila for cocktails with special flavors. This is a great refreshing drink for hot summer days by the beach or at home, giving you the next experience. Corona beer is one of the most consumed beers in the world. Originating from Mexico, this beer increasingly asserts its position in the hearts of customers, especially the most demanding customers. Currently, extra Corona beer is present in most countries around the world, especially the US market is the most potential market.

Recommended price: 208,000 VND (8.98) / 355ml * 6 bottles


Corona beer

Corona beer.

7. Budweiser Beer

This is a special type that is loved by the fragrance when drinking. The ingredients such as malt and hops are carefully selected and aged in oak barrels, preserving the sweet tropical fruit aroma, just opening the lid of the can you can instantly feel this fascinating flavor. Budweiser Budvar Beer has a modern design, eye-catching design, and color with 3 main tones: red, yellow, and white. Those combine with outstanding quality to make products suitable as gifts or to entertain you at parties with friends. The product has a soft and mild taste plus a characteristic bitter yeast to create a harmonious and fresh feeling… Budweiser Budvar beer is produced in the Czech Republic according to a modern process with traditional formula, giving consumers a great experience when enjoying.

Price: 308,000 VND (13.30) / 12 cans / 500 ml

Budweiser beer - Top 10 Beers in Vietnam

Budweiser beer.

8. Sapporo Beer

As one of the leading beer brands in the world, Sapporo beer is not only famous for its smooth taste and super smooth foam but also stands out for its designs in every line. Sapporo is a young city in Japan, Sapporo Brewery is one of Japan’s leading Breweries with the oldest and most famous history in Japan. Sapporo beer has been produced since 1877, up to now it is still sold widely in Japan and many countries around the world. If you like to enjoy the rich, stimulating malt flavor, Sapporo beer is perfect for drinking so that it has become one of the Top 10 Beers in Vietnam. Luxurious and polite silver design with an outstanding golden star, you can use as a gift to your loved ones. This beer is made with advanced technology with a balance of barley and hops, for a delicious, refreshing taste. The delicious flavor of barley is contained in each super-fine foam and you will feel it from the first sip.

Price: 335,000 VND (14.46) / box 24 cans of 330ml

Sapporo Premium Beer

Sapporo Premium Beer.

9. Huda Beer

For nearly 3 decades in Vietnam, the hallmark that Huda beer leaves in the hearts of consumers is the image of a beer of outstanding quality and a fine “Central Central” flavor that has not changed over time. The combination of raw materials imported from Europe, modern production technology from Denmark, and brewing from the Carlsberg group that has a brewing tradition of nearly 170 years, have created a delicious taste and impressive color for Huda beer. In Vietnam, Huda has really shined, becoming the pride of the Central region when the first Vietnamese beer brand received 3 prestigious international gold awards. For the past 27 years, Huda has helped people feel proud of being a part of Central. Huda associated with consumers by reputation and quality. The high quality was also the basis for Huda to receive many international medals and awards.

Price: 248,000 VND (10.71) / 24 cans of 330ml beer




Huda beer

Huda beer.

10. Halida Beer

The name Halida is a combination between Hanoi and Denmark. Lots of beer brands have a Da tone at the end, often used to denote that beer is manufactured by Danish technology and equipment. Halida’s input materials are always carefully selected by experts. Barley used to make Halida beer must be delicious sprouted barley imported from leading European suppliers selected by the Carlsberg Group according to international standards. Thanks to that, the quality of Halida is stable over time with a characteristic refreshing aroma as soon as the beer is poured and gives a sweet aftertaste taste.

In addition, the secret of bringing “own substance” in Halida beer flavor lies in special yeast Saccharomyces Carlsbergenis, which is researched and developed at the Carlsberg Group’s laboratory in Denmark. According to experts, this yeast is the golden key creating a balanced, rich but not harsh bitterness for every drop of Halida beer, thereby giving it a taste that is easy to drink and a great sense of refreshment for drinkers. Halida beer is the perfect yeast for men’s fun thanks to its good quality at a reasonable price, contributing to happy and relaxing moments for hard-working and strong men after work hard hours.

Price: 218,000 VND (9.41) / 24 cans of Halida beer 330ml

Address: 176B Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Halida beer

Halida beer.

Can you choose your favorite beer to enjoy with friends on this Tet holiday? Of course, every happy party has the existence of beer and alcohol, but drink it with “responsibility”, not only with yourself but also with your family and society!

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