Top 10 Churches in Vietnam

Coming to Viet Nam is coming to a country having many religions including Christianity. All cathedrals are magnificent and majestic and make anybody also have to admire. Below, we will talk about 10 cathedrals that have been supposed to be the most famous by most of the domestic and foreign tourists.

1. St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

St. Joseph’s Cathedral or Hanoi Big Church was built from 1884 to 1888 according to Europe Middle Age Gothic architecture style. The cathedral has the length of 65m and the width of 21m. The height of the pair of bell towers is 32m. On the top of the cathedral has a cross made of stone. Beneath the cross, there is a clock making a highlight for the cathedral. Looking at the outside, the cathedral looks very ancient with a lime layer having changed color, the tile roof full of mosses. Going to the big door of the cathedral, tourists will be surprised to see the magnificent architecture style not changing along to time.

2. Phat Diem Cathedral, Ninh Binh

Phat Diem Cathedral or Phat Diem Stone Cathedral is 120km from Hanoi to the south and is built between 1875 and 1898. The cathedral has the height of 25m, the length of 24m and the width of 17m and is connected from grey stone basses. The cathedral is designed according to eastern architecture style. Its top is not so high the same tower style of other cathedrals but is bent according to the temple roof style of Vietnam. In Saint Palace, there is a blue stone mass. The above are the sculpture carving the pictures of Jesus Christ and Saints. On the wall of the cathedral, there are carvings composed according to folk art style and on the window frames have graceful bamboo shapes.

3. Buon Ho Cathedral, Daklak:

Buon Ho Cathedral is located on a hill slope. It is on extensive grounds and looking out Highway 14. The Cathedral is connection gothic architecture style and romantic architecture style. The bell towers are souring and have point tops. The Saint Palace has arch shape and the tops of the doors and windows have a half-moon shape. Looking generally, it is the same Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral. This is an attractive destination of Highland.

4. Wooden Cathedral, Kontum

Top 10 Churches in Vietnam

The first time cathedral was built in 1870. The second time the cathedral was built between 1913 and 1918. In spite of spending many changes of history, until now the structure has not been damaged. Wooden Cathedral is made from a kind of wood having black-brown color and designed according to Roman architecture style and stilt house style of Bana ethnic group. The cathedral is a closed structure consisting of a chapel, guest – house, exhibition, communal house. Besides, there are an orphanage, tailor workshop, brocade workshop and carpentry workshop.

5. Christ the King Cathedral, Khanh Hoa

Besides Christ the King Cathedral name, this cathedral has some other names as Nha Trang Cathedral, Stone Cathedral, and Mountain Cathedral. The building has a strong and healthy arrangement with pieces of small stone growing gradually from the base to the top. The bell floor has the height of 38m comparing to the road surface.
In spite of nearly 70 years, through much rain and sunshine, Christ the King Cathedral remains architecture value before. In the present, the cathedral is put on the list of relic and beautiful sights of Khanh Hoa.

6. St. Nicholas of Bari Cathedral, Lam Dong

Top 10 Churches in Vietnam

St Nicholas of Bari Cathedral, the common name is Cock church (Because on the top has a big cock) built by French from 1930 to 1943. The cathedral is the biggest one and is designed according to Europe Roma style and ethnic minority style of Highland. The ground has cross shape with the length of 65m, the width of 14 m. the height of the bell tower has the height of 47 m. With that height, from the tower people can see everywhere in the city. The mean door forwards a mountain. St Nicholas of Bari Cathedral is one of the sites that tourists coming to the city cannot miss.

7. Mai Anh Cathedral, Lam Dong

Top 10 Churches in VietnamTop 10 Churches in Vietnam

Mai Anh Cathedral or Domain de Marie was built between 1930 and 1943. The cathedral has the design different from the western ancient cathedral. It does not have any bell tower on the top. Trooftoptop system has the shape similar with the communal houses of Taynguen ethnic minorities. The whole cathedral is painted dark pink color. In early sunshine, it becomes bright. Inside the cathedral has Mother Statue standing on the globe designed by French engineer – Jonchere.

8. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Top 10 Churches in Vietnam

Located on a main road, in the center of the City, in the present, Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the symbols of Saigon City. The cathedral was built by French in 1887. All bricks and stones were brought back from France. The structure is designed according to both Roman and Gothic architecture style and has the biggest pair of bells in Vietnam. Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral is the most beautiful and important of Saigon diocese. In addition, the cathedral area has the nicest sight in the City. Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral is the pride of Saigonese.

10. Cha Tam Church, Ho Chi Minh City

Top 10 Churches in VietnamTop 10 Churches in Vietnam

Cha Tam Church (officially known as the Church of St. Francisco Javier) is an ancient church built in 1900 and completed in 1902. Many people said that this was the only church in the city decorated the same Chinese temple style. Generally, the church has a Gothic design, the same as some other European church, but it still has the Chinese culture style. The name of the church is written in Vietnamese scripts and Chinese ones. The roof is covered with ying and yang tiles. The tops of the church are put lotuses made from stone. Two script lines on two sides of the gate are written in Chinese script. The four pillars in the main worship place are painted red color, which does not have in other churches. The Place hanging Christ Jesus’ picture has 2 script lines also written in Chinese script. Especially, this place is the final destination of President of the Republic of Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem.

10. Tac Say Cathedral, Bac Lieu

Top 10 Churches in Vietnam

Top 10 Churches in Vietnam

Tac Say Cathedral (Vietnamese: Nhà Thờ Tắc Sậy) is of Gia Rai District, Bac Lieu Province. The cathedral has 3 floors of which the ground floor is for pilgrims getting rest, the second floor and third floor is the place where carried out ceremony. This place is also called Diep Father Cathedral (Vietnamese: Nhà thờ cha Diệp) because it is the place burying Priest Truong Buu Diep. The place put the tomb designed the same as a large building with 3 rooftops. The center rooftop is the highest and has a big clock, making a highlight of the building. Above, we talked about some characters of 10 the famous cathedrals in Vietnam. If traveling to Vietnam, you should visit them to admire more the wisdom and merit of ancient people. If you want to know more details about these cathedrals, invite you to go into the website Scooter Saigon Tour Blog.

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