10 Most Beautiful Ao Dai fabrics

Ao dai (Vietnamese long dress) adds an elegant charm to the women. It is not only favored by Vietnamese women but also by foreign women. Wanting to have a beautiful ao dai, we need to do many things. In addition to choosing a skilled tailor, a suitable style, we must also choose a suitable fabric. In this article, we introduce the top 10 most beautiful ao dai making fabrics that many customers choose. The following is the list of 10 Most Beautiful Ao Dai fabrics.

1. Chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabric is a fabric made of silk and super thin nylon strands stacked together. Chiffon fabric evokes nobility and elegance, is quite popularly used to sew dresses or dresses. Because of the light and soft material, this fabric captures a lot of love from women.

Advantages of chiffon fabric

– The fabric has a soft material that makes it comfortable for the wearer.
– This fabric is exceptionally breathable, has good absorbency, is suitable for high-temperature conditions.
– This fabric is quite sturdy because it is made up of synthetic fibers. So this fabric does not crease or tear when subjected to a strong impact.
– Chiffon fabric is safe for the user. On the market today, there are certain fabrics in the manufacturing process causing skin allergens. But chiffon fabric, on the other hand, is particularly friendly to many skin types, even sensitive skin.

Disadvantages of chiffon fabric

– Fabrics are susceptible to staining when not handled properly or when exposed to the sun for too long.
– The fabric is easily frayed during sewing, requiring the tailors to have good handling skills.

Chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabric.

Chiffon Ao dai

Chiffon Ao dai.

2. Voile/veil fabric (Voan fabric)

Chiffon fabric is a fabric made of man-made fibers but is especially soft, making it feel cool and comfortable for the wearer. Chiffon fabric is also one of the popular fabrics used to make Ao Dai costumes.

Advantages of Chiffon fabric

– The soft and light fabric evokes a feeling of floating and comfortable.
– The fabric is suitable for stylish outfits that hug the body.
– The color and design of this fabric are extremely rich.

Disadvantages of chiffon fabric

– Chiffon fabric is quite thin when sewing needs more lining to avoid exposing sensitive areas.
– The fabric is easily damaged when exposed to high-temperature conditions.

Veil Ao dai

Veil Ao dai.

3. Silk fabric (Lụa fabric)

Silk fabric is a fabric woven from silk with a soft natural material. Therefore, silk fabric from silk has a high price. Silk fabrics are used to make high-quality dresses.

Advantages of silk fabric

– Silk fabric features thin, light, durable
– The fabric has good heat retention, suitable for many different climates
– Since it is a natural extract, this fabric is very user-friendly, does not cause skin irritation.
– The fabric also has good moisture absorption, not wrinkles after many using times.

Disadvantages of silk fabric

– The fabric has disadvantages that are difficult to dye
– The elasticity of the fabric is low.
– The price is quite high.

Silk Ao dai

Silk Ao dai.

4. Lace fabric (Ren fabric)

The Lace fabric is a fabric made up of many synthetic fabrics stacked together to create many eye-catching patterns. There have been many designers using this fabric in their Ao Dai designs. Lace fabric, when made into outfits, both evokes elegance and seduction and brings modern and youthful colors.

Advantages of lace fabric

– Lace fabric evokes solemnity and seduction for the wearer.
– Fabric material does not deform or discolor
– Lace fabric has many patterns, suitable for designing costumes.
– Lace fabrics in a variety of colors are easy to choose.

Disadvantages of lace fabric

– Irregular texture, there are plenty of gaps between the patterns. When impacted or hooked on a sharp object, it can easily tear.
– Lace fabric does not withstand the harsh impact of a washing machine.

Lace Ao dai.

Lace Ao dai.

5. Brocade fabric (Gấm fabric)

Brocade fabric is also woven from natural silk, combined with many eye-catching patterns. In feudal times, brocade was considered a high-class fabric, used only by the rich or in the court. Brocade fabric is used to make ao dais, dresses, skirts … Brocade fabric is also a very good antibacterial fabric.

Advantages of brocade fabric

– Brocade fabric is woven from natural silk material, so the durability of the fabric is high
– The fabric is not frayed or ruffled when subjected to a strong impact
– The patterns on the fabric are extremely delicate because it is woven from traditional methods, requiring meticulousness and good workmanship.
– No harm to the environment, easy to decompose.

Disadvantages of brocade fabric

– Because of the thick thickness, the drying time of the fabric is quite long
– It is difficult to handle fabrics when soiled.
– The cost is relatively high.

Gấm Ao dai

Gấm Ao dai.

6. Rain Snow fabric (Mưa Tuyết fabric)

Rain Snow fabric is a fabric made of many synthetic fibers with a soft and thin texture, good elasticity, creating a comfortable feeling for the user. People often use this fabric to make dresses, innovative ao dai, …

Advantages of Rain Snow fabric

– The fabric quality is soft, light, and elastic, evoking charm and seduction for the outfit.
– The fabric retains its color for a long time, does not lose or dull
– The fabric material suitable for many types of climates.

Disadvantages of Rain Snow fabric

– The preservation and handling need to be careful and meticulous.

Mưa Tuyết Ao dai

Mưa Tuyết Ao dai.

7. Velvet fabric (Nhung fabric)

Velvet fabric is a fabric that is commonly used and loved by many people. Fabric material with high softness evokes elegance and mystery.

Advantages of velvet fabric

– Velvet fabric is soft, smooth, and very cool to the hand
– Good luminosity, high durability
– Velvet fabric is very comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages of Velvet fabric

– Velvet fabric is usually quite thick, washing and preservation take a long time
– The fabric is easy to get dust.
– If there are not good treatment techniques, the velvet outfit will make the face older.

Velvet Ao dai

Velvet Ao dai.

8. Linen fabric (đũi fabric)

Linen fabric is a product made from flax tree and some other fibers. Some linen fabric is woven from the silk. With a soft, airy feel, the fabric is quite popular in apparel. The fabric can be used to sew traditional ao dai to show purity and elegance.

Advantages of linen fabric

– The linen is quite soft, the high absorbency does not cause discomfort when using.
– It is possible to use to sew a variety of clothing
– The fabric does not change structure when washing at high temperatures

Disadvantages of linen fabric

The linen fabric is easily wrinkled and folded, so when used, it is necessary to have the assistance of the iron.

Linen fabric

Linen fabric.

Linen Ao dai

Linen Ao dai.

9. Brocade fabric (Thổ cẩm)

Brocade fabric is woven entirely by hand through the skillful hands of ethnic women. Brocade fabric has many unique patterns and is especially durable. In addition to sewing clothes such as shirts, towels, and bags, brocade fabric is also created by designers into ao dai. Ao dai is made from brocade material bearing the character of a close, rustic mountain.

Advantages of brocade fabric

– Brocade fabric is handwoven so it is durable
– The fabric has many unique and eye-catching patterns
– The fabric is quite durable, many applications in practice.

Disadvantages of brocade fabric

– Brocade fabric is elastic lowly
– The preservation should be meticulous: washing with hand, drying in the shade.

Brocade fabric

Brocade fabric.

Brocade Ao dai

Brocade Ao dai.

10. Sẹc fabric

Sec fabric is made up of a variety of fibers including poly. The fabric with high elasticity is very suitable for sewing traditional ao dai.

Advantages of Sec fabric

– The fabric has the advantage of soft fabric, high elasticity, and evoking a cool feeling
– The fabric does not wrinkled under the strong impacts.
– The fabric is quite durable, retains the original color after a period of use.

Disadvantages of Sec fabric

– The absorbent ability and sweat drainage are not good.
– Spending a lot of time cleaning and storing.

Sẹc Ao dai

Sẹc Ao dai.

Sẹc fabric

With this article, we have provided you very useful information about fabrics for making ao dai. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right fabric.


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