Top 8 tips for traveling alone to Ho Chi Minh City

Traveling alone has the benefit that you can freely get around without having to worry about anyone. Schedule, location and time as well as arrange your liking should not discuss with other people. However, tourism alone means that you have to “self-advocacy”, especially in addressing the problem, and a problem. So to have a comfortable ride and safe, you should be well prepared and mental baggage. The following tips may be helpful to you.

Top 8 tips for traveling alone to Ho Chi Minh City

Top 8 tips for traveling alone to Ho Chi Minh City

1. “The Gift of Fear”: Teens love to travel alone, especially the girls, read the book, The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker author. Stories and guidelines that can help you avoid the risk that you may encounter in your journey.

2. Storage of personal property: Open your lights and TV though not in the hotel room, and paste the message “Please do not disturb” on the door. Those who have seen evil intentions would think that someone in the room and make sure they will not dare to enter.

3. Stay healthy: good health care is very important, especially when you’re traveling alone no one besides. Remember to bring the necessary medications. Vitamin to strengthen resistance should also be in your travel bag.

4. Do not show surprise: By a strange place you may be overwhelmed. However, do not appear to surprise as this will make you become the “object” of the bad guys. When on the road, you have to be confident as you know where to go and go quickly. By doing this, people will not recognize you as a strange country female stranger.

5. Do not be shy asking for help: When you go alone and discovers someone is following you, go to where the crowd and look just a helper. Do not be shy, as this will make you fall in love more and more endangered.

6. Keep careful the room key: To key in a safe room and so carefully hidden, do not let other people see. Also, do not let others know you are in some of the hotel rooms yet.

7. Keep personal information: You should pay attention to the card recording the personal information attached to the luggage. Do not let other people see your name, address and telephone number on which you are recording. Otherwise you might be bothered by those who do not where or who have malicious intent.

8. Dress appropriately: Dress discreetly, not driven car is the best option when traveling alone. You should dig the local culture that you will come to choose appropriate costumes. In particular, do not wear too much expensive jewelry because you might “fall into the sights” of the bandits.

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