Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

There are countless articles about Valentine’s day gifts on the Internet and magazines. However, my article will be unique because it helps you to choose the best gift for your Vietnamese girlfriends who are different from girls from Western, American, African and other Eastern countries. Although Vietnam Vietnamese culture has received new values of the world culture and becomes increasingly diverse and richer, Vietnamese girls still keep many traditional customs. So dating and gifting Vietnamese girlfriends is not as easy as you thought. In the past, men usually gift their girlfriends notebooks, pens, Ao Dai or Ao Ba Ba fabric, scarf, specialty foods, orchards, handmade items. In recent, there are some changes, modern girls also love chocolates, roses like many other girls in the world. Here is the list of Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and gifts you should not give her can help you to make her happy with the gift.

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There is no need to write so much about chocolates because they are the top gifts on Valentine’s day. You should choose her favorite chocolates: milk, dark, semi-sweet, or bitter-sweet chocolates with or without nuts and dried fruits. If you are skillful enough, you can make some homemade chocolates for her.

Some people wonder why chocolates are gifted on Valentine’s day. Chocolate is not only a sweet but also a meaningful gift and the symbol of love. The first bite tastes bitter but it tastes sweet in the end. It is a mix of bitter, sweet, greasy and butter tastes which are like tones of loves: sweetness, share, compassion, anger. Chocolate contains caffein, theobromine, serotonin, phenylethylamine so that it may improve mood, boost energy and happiness. It is known as a superfood for the soul.

Where to buy? Supermarkets, gift stores.

Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

A heart-shaped chocolate box

Roses and other flowers

It has been told that the Goddess of love was born with a white rose. When her husband died, she was so sad that the thorns of the rose stab into her finger and the white rose turns red. Everybody knows that red rose represents forever love and deep love. Which colors and how many roses to gift are frequently asked questions about Valentine’s day. Red is the number one color for 14th February. Pink roses are for delicate girls while white rose represents pure love. The meaning of the number of roses in Vietnam is as follows:

  • 1: only you in my heart.
  • 3: I love you (Anh yêu em).
  • 4: Nothing separates us. However, number four (“bốn”,”tứ”) is sometimes pronounced the same way as “tử” (die) so that some Vietnamese people believe that it is an unlucky number.
  • 7: secretly in love.
  • 9: I love you for the entire of my life.
  • 10: perfect love.
  • 11: You are my only love.
  • 15: I am sorry. In case you did something wrong with her, gift her 15 roses as a sorry.
  • 20: I love you with my heart and soul.
  • 21: true love.
  • 36: remind of romantic memories.
  • 40: my love is only for you.
  • 44: we will come to the end of the road together.
  • 47: you are absolutely unique.
  • 50: unconditional love.
  • 51: you are always in my mind.
  • 66: my love never changes.
  • 100: nothing can be compared with my love for you.
  • 999: I love you forever.
  • 1001: We are together forever.

You can choose a basket or bunch of roses and baby’s breath or wavyleaf sea lavenders. Besides roses, some people gift sunflowers, hydrangeas, tulips, baby’s breath or wavyleaf sea lavenders.

  • Baby’s breath represents purity and pure love.
  • Sunflower represents adoration and loyalty. A bunch of sunflowers is a great choice for a strong girl.
  • Hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotion.
  • Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, purple one symbolizes royalty.
  • Wavyleaf sea lavender represents faithfulness and greatness.
  • Gladiolus means dating, it helps you to tell her that you fall in love with her and are looking forward to seeing her.
  • Daisy represents faithfulness, sincere, eternity.
  • Lilac sents a message about starting a new love, white lilac tells her that I will wait until you love me, 4-leaf lilac is for lovers. It has been said that the sweetness of lilac is the sweetness of love.

The flowers you should not give your girlfriends include:

  • Yellow tulip: secret affair.
  • Lotus: separated love.
  • Yellow carnation: refuse to love.
  • Bluebell: humility.
  • Primulaceae: goodbye my love.
  • Purple Hyacinthaceae: Sorry, forgive me, I can not love you.
  • Marigold: ruthlessness, selfishness, jealousness.

Where to buy? Supermarkets, flower shops in local markets, in shopping malls and on the streets or flower websites.

Baskets of roses at Ho Thi Ky - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Baskets of roses at Ho Thi Ky – the biggest wholesale flower market in Ho Chi Minh City.

Red and purple tulips - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Red and purple tulips are good flowers for Valentine’s day.

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Books are great gifts for Valentine’s Day. You can choose one or some books from the list of top books about love everyone should read at least once, best romance novels, short love stories in English or Vietnamese. If your girlfriends are studying English, some English books and CDs are good choices. She will appreciate your gift.

Where to buy? Bookstores or online. Fahasa and Phuong Nam are two top bookstore chains in Vietnam. Read more about Top 5+ Bookstores in Ho Chi Minh City.

A Fahasa bookstore - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

A Fahasa bookstore.

Movie tickets

What is better than watching a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day? If you will not watch a movie on Valentine’s Day, you can buy tickets for another movie. You should book the tickets one month before 14th February in order to make sure they are available. Movie tickets on Valentine’s Day tend to sell out. You can go to a cinema and buy tickets or book them online. BHD, CGV, Galaxy, Lotte, Cinestar, Mega GS, Cinebox are the top cinemas in Vietnam. You can book movie tickets on the following links:

Read more about Top 5 Cinemas in Vietnam and Top 5+ Cinemas in Ho Chi Minh City.

CGV Cinemplex - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

A CGV Cinema.


Supermarket gift vouchers, hotel vouchers, tour gift vouchers, restaurant vouchers, spa vouchers are not worse than movie tickets, roses and chocolates.

Where to buy? Supermarket gift vouchers can be bought at service counters of supermarkets. You can come to hotels, tour agencies, restaurants, spas to buy gift vouchers. These vouchers are abundant on e-commerce websites. However, the websites are only in Vietnamese so that you can have a Vietnamese friend help you to choose and buy vouchers online. They will ship the vouchers to you or send e-vouchers via email or SMS. and are two trusted websites to buy vouchers online.

Vouchers are sold on - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Vouchers are sold on

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Stuffed animals

Do not think that Vietnamese adults do not like stuffed animals. It is true that many Vietnamese girls love to hug, play and sleep with huge stuffed bears or hearts gifted by their boyfriends.

Where to buy? Supermarkets, gift stores, some bookstores.

Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

A huge pink stuffed bear.


Jewelry is a perfect gift for girls around the world, including your Vietnamese girlfriend. Heart, floral, key can lock patterns are more popular than others. There is a wide range of choices including earrings, arm and leg bracelets, necklaces or jewelry sets.

  • Leg bracelet represents beautiful and forever love.
  • Necklace is usually used to express your love, it represents a strong connection and full of happiness.
  • Bracelet represents forever love and is considered the item connecting you and your girlfriend.

Silver jewelry is cheaper than gold, platinum jewelry. Some Vietnamese people believe that silver (bạc) means heartless (bạc tình), they can buy silver jewelry for themselves but do not want to receive gifts made of silver. Do not forget to check if your girlfriend is happy with gifts made of silver.

Certainly, diamond is the best choice if you are rich. In my opinion, it is a little dangerous to gift a new girlfriend expensive diamond jewelry. Some Vietnamese girls do not like too expensive gifts from a new boyfriend.

You can check with your girlfriend or her friend if she likes pearl jewelry. A few Vietnamese girls think that pearls are for middle-aged women.

A ring is not recommended to gift your girlfriend. In Vietnamese culture, ring is one of the symbols of marriage. It should be gifted when you propose to her, a ring is a great gift for your wife but not your girlfriend. However, a jewelry set including a ring can be accepted.

Where to buy? Jewelry stores from Vietnam’s best jewelry brands including The Gioi Kim Cuong, PNJ, SJC, Doji, Bao Tin Minh Chau, Cartino, Long Pearl Beach. The jewelry stores can be found easily in shopping malls and on the streets. Read more about Top 10+ Jewelry Brands in Vietnam.

four leaf clover set of earrings and bracelet - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Four-leaf clover set of earrings and bracelet bring luckiness to your girlfriend.

PNJ, The Gioi Kim Cuong, Swarovski stores in Crescent Mall, Ho Chi Minh City.


You should learn about her favorite brands and colors before buying cosmetics for her. Perfumes, lipsticks are easier than face or body creams/lotions/butters, mascaras, facial cleansers, cheek colors or makeup sets to choose.

Hundreds of lipsticks at a store in a shopping center - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Hundreds of lipsticks at a store in a shopping center.


You should know her favorite fashion brands, size, colors, patterns, materials and styles. It is better to buy at a fashion store that accepts returns or exchanges or does free tailoring. Free-style clothes are smart choices. It is better to not gift her sexy sleepwear or house clothes.

Where to buy? Fashion stores in shopping centers, markets and on the streets.

Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

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There is a large number of accessories including bags, clutches, wallets, hair accessories, scarfs, gloves, hats, sunglasses, watches, blouse pins, etc.

Hand bags - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Hand bags.

A new wallet with a banknote is a lucky gift. An empty new wallet may bring bad luck to the receiver. - Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

A new wallet with a banknote is a lucky gift. An empty new wallet may bring bad luck to the receiver.

Heart-shaped air claws.

Do you think that suitcases, shoes, underwear, knife sets, nail clippers sets are acceptable gifts for your Vietnamese girlfriend? In fact, they are not recommended gifts because of the following reasons:


Suitcases are necessary for people who are going to leave to travel, work and settle. Gifting a suitcase to your girlfriend means that you would like to see her off, you and she are separated in the future.

suitcase - Gifts you should not giv Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day


Shoes (should not)

Shoes (giày, hài) is pronounced the same as groaning (hai) in the Vietnamese language. Some people think that their girlfriends walk away after receiving and wearing new shoes. So that it is better not to gift shoes to your girlfriend.

shoes - Gifts you should not giv Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Beautiful shoes at a shoe store.

Underwear (should not)

Your girlfriend may misunderstand that you do not respect her because you gift her underwear. So that bras and panties are not good gifts.

underwear - Gifts you should not giv Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Bras and panties.

Handkerchief (should not)

Handkerchief (khăn tay) consists of “khăn” and “tay”, the second word also means separated. In addition, Vietnamese people usually use handkerchiefs to dry tears and sweat so that it symbolizes sadness and difficulties. You should not buy any beautiful handkerchief for your girlfriend due to the unlucky meanings.

handkerchief - Gifts you should not giv Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

A beautiful embroidered handkerchief.

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Umbrella (should not)

“Ô dù” (umbrella ) also means “phân tán” (distribution) so that an umbrella can break your relationship.

Knife set or nail clippers set (should not)

You may think knife sets or nail clippers sets are amazing gifts to your girlfriend. The fact that sharp items such as knives, nail clippers, swords can “cut” your loving relationship.

What to know before choosing Top 10+ Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Is the price of the gift important? If a Vietnamese girl loves you because of expensive gifts, she does not really love you. However, you can not give her a gift that costs less than VND 100,000.

Should I give her many gifts at the same time? Chocolates, flowers and movie tickets can be gifted at the same time. You can gift her many items on Valentine’s Day.

Red and pink wraps are the best, dark-colored wraps and scared patterns are not recommended.

If the gifts and flowers are bulky, you should give her the gifts when you pick her up at her house so that she can put them at home and you are free to go out for a movie or dinner.

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