Top 10 Street Foods in Hanoi

Top 10 Street Foods in Hanoi

Hanoi street food is a must when you come to this capital. Although famous Hanoi foods are sold popularly in other regions such as Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Danang city… but Hanoi is the best place to enjoy its specialties. In Hanoi, street foods are everywhere on the street or in alleyways. It’s not Hanoi without street food polls and stalls. Following are Top 10 street foods in Hanoi which you shouldn’t miss on your trip to this beautiful place.

1. Pho

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup or Pho at Pho Le restaurant 2 tracy

Pho plays an important part in Hanoi life and it ranks first in the list of Top 15 street foods in Hanoi. Pho is everywhere in Vietnam and many other countries. Most of people love its unique and special taste comes from cinnamon, star anise, ginger and cardamon. The tender beef/chicken and Pho noodle make Pho different from noodles from other regions in Vietname and countries around the world. Let’s try Pho in Hanoi where it’s originated, you’ll find something very Hanoi.

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Pho Vietnam

2. Rice Noodle Soup with Snail

Rice Noodle Soup with Snail is one of the most favorite specialties in Hanoi. Snail with its tough and delicious meat is the highlight of this street food and makes the noodle soup amazing. The broth is cooked from snail, deep-fried tofu, tomato and a Vietnamese vinegar – “giấm bỗng” so that it’s light sour, sweet and has the special smell of “giấm bỗng”. The dish is served hot in a medium bowl with rice noodle, broth and topped with snail meat, chopped green onion and many Vietnamese herbs. “Nothing’s better than eating a Rice Noodle Soup with Snail after a long and hard working day?” has been said by Hanoian. What would you eat after a tired traveling day?

3. Mixed Dry Pancake

Dry Pancake – “bánh đa” is a a kind of Vietnamese rice noodle similar to Pho noodle. This pancake is mixed with pork pie, fish pie, deep-fried onion, deep-fried tofu, peanut, bean sprouts and boiled morning glory… The sweet and sour sauce is an important part of this dish. The mixed dish is served with a broth cooked from crab and tomato. It’s worth trying the fresh and flavorful Mixed Dry Pancake in Hanoi.

4. Rice noodle with Tofu and Shrimp Paste

This food is extremely simple so that any foreign can make it at home if he has enough ingredients in his kitchen. Rice noodle, shrimp paste, deep-fried tofu, cucumber and herbs are what you need to serve your guests a very famous Hanoi dish. Optional ingredients are pork leg and fish pie. Sliced boiled pork leg and sliced deep-fried fish pie will be served with others. No one know the reason why so many people love to eat Rice noodle with Tofu and Shrimp Paste. How about you?

Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodles 2

5. Banh Gio

Pyramidal Rice Dumpling 3

Banh Gio is a pyramid-shaped rice dumpling wrapped in banana leaves. The filling is made from ground wood ear, pork and mung bean paste. To serve, Banh Gio is peeled and topped with pork pie, fish pie, crab pie and herbs. Hanoi is cold in winter and Banh Gio is the first choice for these days. Eating a bite of warm and tender Banh Gio would make you warm.

6. Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodles

Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodles 1

Ordering a portion of Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodles, you’ll be brought rice noodle, assorted herbs and a bowl of grilled ground pork, pickles and light sweet and sour fish sauce dip. A funny thing is that the dip covers pieces of grilled pork and the you can think it’s a kind of soup. To eat, dinner use the chopsticks get a little of rice noodle and dip before tucking in. It seems to be easy to cook Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodles. The rice noodle is cold but the dip must be warm are strange rule of cooking this food. The grill pork must be grilled on charcoal until it’s tender. Obama president of US has tried this food when he visited Hanoi. Do not miss this food on your trip to our capital.

7. Fried/Grilled Pork Patties

Vietnamese Pork Patties Or Nem Nuong

Fried/Grilled Pork Patties is a favorite of Vietnamese people. Being smelling, delicious and special, Fried/Grilled Pork Patties is worth a try on your trip to Hanoi.
saigon food tour with female guide in ao dai

8. Pho Roll

Pho Roll In Vietnam

Vietnamese Spring Roll are well-known by many foreign visitors for its amazing taste. Pho Roll is a less-known but very tasty specialty of Hanoi similar to Spring Roll.  The Pho rice paper is used to wrapped stir-fried beef and herbs. The sweet and sour fish sauce dip couldn’t be missed when eating the roll. There’s nowhere you can enjoy the best Pho Roll than in Hanoi.

9. Sticky Rice with Ice Cream

Sticky Rice is main ingredient of many Vietnamese foods. Sticky Rice with Ice Cream is one of the most simple receipt but it’s not less delicious than any dessert. Hanoi people love to eat Sticky Rice with Ice Cream and it has become one of the most popular desserts in the city for a long time.

10. Sugar Cane Juice with Chewy Tapioca Balls

You may have enjoyed many delicious drinks all around the world. Let’s try a glass of Sugar Cane Juice with Chewy Natural Tapioca Balls in Hanoi and tell your friends about its delicious taste. It’s a perfect mix sweet sugar cane juice, chewy tapioca ball, fresh and dried shredded coconut meat. This drink is natural, fresh, refreshing and healthy. 

Street foods are everywhere in Hanoi so that it’s easy for you enjoy all of Top 10 Street Foods in Hanoi. If you aren’t sure about the street food safety, you can book a food tour by motorbike. The guide will drive you around like a friend and serve you Hanoi specialties.

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