Tre – a speciaty food in Central Vietnam

Tré is a very popular food in provinces of Central Vietnam such as Hue, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, etc. Tré is similar to Nem Chua (Fermented Pork Roll). However, It is made from pig ear, pig nose, pork belly, pork skin, galangal, sesame, garlic, rice, guava leaves, banana leaves. The dish has a typical sour taste and a special smell from “Thinh” which is made from rice. The sweet and rich porkiness of the pig ear is one of the dish’s highlights.

Tre recipe is not easy, it needs experience, patience, and skillfulness. Pig ear, pig nose, pork belly, pork skin are washed carefully, boiled until well-done and shredded into thin strips. Rice is toasted until yellow, ground until well-kneaded into Thinh. Sesame is also toasted, galangal is peeled and shredded. Guava leaves and banana leaves are washed and drained off. All of the above ingredients are mixed with salt, sugar in a big bowl. The cook should not use too much salt so that Tre could not turn sour. The mixture is wrapped in guava leaves, then banana leaves into Tre. To make Tre more good-looking, the cook covers it with a thin layer of straws. It should be left for 2-3 days so that it turns sour.

In Central Vietnam, local people usually eat Tre at their meals. It is a must food at Tet festival – the biggest Vietnamese festival. It is usually served as a party starter or a good food which goes with wine. To eat Tre, dinner peels all of its wraps and use chopsticks to loosen Tre. The dish is usually eaten with fresh herbs and vegetables (green banana, cucumber, star fruit), pickled, fish sauce (with chili pepper) or chili sauce. Dinner can also use sticky Vietnamese rice paper to wrap Tre, veggies, herbs, then dip in fish sauce dip and tuck in.


Eating Saigon is a great thing to do on your trip. How to eat the city to its fullest? It is easy to eat at fine dining restaurants which are for rich people and tourists. However, the real Saigon is at local restaurants which are favorite places of many Saigon people. Reaching the local restaurants outside of District 1 sometimes is difficult for foreigners. A Saigon Food Tour is a great choice to immerse into the city life, enjoy all the exotic foods with your tour guides as friends.

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