Use of lotus flower in Vietnam

Lotus is very popular in Vietnam. There is a wide range of uses of this kind of plant and flower. Below are the most popular uses of lotus in the country.

1. Beautiful flowers

Vietnamese loves flowers, especially lotus flower which is the national flower. Lotus flower has an elegant beauty and good fragrant which attract people so much. Lotus is pink, white and yellow but the most favorite is the pink one. Lotus flower is used to decorate home, pagodas, restaurants and hotels. They are usually sold in bunch with reasonable price. A bunch of 10 lotus flowers costs 3 USD.

Lotus - the national flower of Vietnam

Beautiful flowers are sold at markets in Vietnam

2. Salad from lotus stems

Lotus stems are airy and crunchy so that they are a good ingredient to make salad. The stems must be washed carefully and cut into 5-cm segments. In Vietnam, they like to eat salad with sweet and sour dressing from sugar, lemon (or vinegar). Boiled shrimp and pork are must ingredients to make the famous Salad from lotus stems. The cook usually top this amazing food with crushed peanut and sliced red pepper. If you come to Vietnam, do not miss this food.

Sweet and sour lotus stems salad

3. Pickles from lotus stems

Sweet, salty and sour pickles from lotus stems are favorite food to eat with braised and fried dishes in Vietnam.

Pickles from lotus stems

4. Sugar-preserved lotus seeds

Sugar-preserved lotus seeds or “Mut sen” are traditional “Mut Tet” – a must at Tet festival. Sugar-preserved lotus seeds are not only healthy but also delicious. This “Mut sen” is buttery, light sweet and tender enough. “Mut sen” could be saved for a few months. It could be a good food to buy in Vietnam as a gift for your family.

Fresh lotus seeds

Delicious Sugar-preserved lotus seeds

ben tre

Lotus pound in Vietnam country

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