Valentine’s Day in Vietnam


Every year, on the fourteenth of February, many countries in the world respond to Valentine’s Day. Why is there that day? How does it happen? Following we will answer those questions.

Love between male and female is a theme of all time. It is a gift as well as vocation, which the Creator has bestowed on humanity.  Wise men respect love specially. The representative person showing respect of love is Saint Valentine, a Catholic Priest in Roman emperor of Claudius II time.

Valentine’s Day was named after Saint Valentine. The Saint lived in third century, when Roman emperor participated in many bloody wars, which the public did not support. Because reaching impasse when calling upon young boys to join in army, Claudius II thought that was reason why Roman men and boys did not want to leave their family and lovers, and believed that marriage only made men weak. Therefore, Claudius II forbad from holding engagement and wedding ceremonies in order to focus on fights.

Catholic Priest Valentine in Roman and Saint Marius apposed the decree of the strong emperor, and continued carrying out marriage ceremonies for marriage couples. Having been discovered, Priest Valentine was captured and sentenced to death. He was dragged and thrown stones to death. In the afternoon, before having gone to execution ground, he had sent the first “Valentine card” to jailer’s girl, who had been blind since was a baby, and cured by Priest Valentine before. The card was signed with words “from your Valentine”. Until now, couples of lovers have still used those words instead of their names in Valentine card. Gradually, the fourteenth of February has become the day when the lovers exchange love message of lovers.

Before Valentine’s Day only occurred in northern America and Europe, but today it is popular most of countries.

Valentine’s Day in Vietnam has just imported recently. On the fourteenth of February, 2008, many couples of lovers held wedding ceremony on water at Mun Islet, Nha Trang City.

On this day, lovers usually offer roses, chocolate, besides Valentine cards each other to show deep love. They can hold small party to eat and drink together happily or go on a picnic and take photos for memory.

Love is something lofty and beautiful which creator has offered to humanity. It makes human life more interesting. Besides, love also is a colloid that strengthens tie male and female. It makes marriage more sustainable. Valentine’s Day is Day that reminds humanity should respect love.

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