Vietnam Visa for Cruise Passengers

Each year, more than 8 million visitors come to Vietnam by plane or cruise ship. There are thousands of cruise ship passengers arriving in Vietnam monthly. Ho Chi Minh City – the biggest city in Vietnam and a political, economic, cultural and tourism hub is a popular destination for passengers by cruise. Cruise passengers are granted a loose-leaf visa. I am going to share with you some detailed information about Vietnam Visa for Cruise Passengers. I hope the information is helpful and you can prepare for your trip as well as possible before you go.

Vietnam Visa for Cruise Passengers

What are the differences between loose-leaf visa and visa on arrival in Vietnam?

Original passport is necessary for getting stamped visa on arrival. A copy of passport is brought with loose-leaf visa.

Visa on arrival is only applicable and valid for travelers arriving in Vietnam by air. Loose-leaf visa is valid for any means of travel, including cruise ship.

What is the fee of Vietnam Visa for Cruise Passengers?

The fee of Vietnam Visa for Cruise Passengers depends on the cruise operator. The fees range between 6 and 80 USD. Certain nationalities do not need a visa for Vietnam. Check if you are a lucky traveler with Vietnam visa. The visa policy may change so that you should check with the operator about the policy and fee before you book the cruise and before you go.

How to apply for a Vietnam loose-leaf visa at cruise ports?

As mentioned above, you should check if you need a Vietnam visa. Nationals holding popular passport of many countries which have signed bilateral or unilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam do not need to have a valid visa to stay in Vietnam for a certain period of time. Check out the Vietnam Visa Exemption List.

If you are not in the list, both the arrival and departure procedures are quite easy and quick:

Arrival procedure:

  • On the cruise, you will be handed an application form, read the form carefully, and fill it out.
  • Upon disembarking, you should submit the form, your passport, cruise card, and landing card, and pay the applicable fee.
  • The border services officer issues a loose-leaf visa document.

Departure procedure:

  • After shore excursions from the port, you return to your cruise.
  • You must show your passport and the loose-leaf visa to receive the confirmation of departure issued by the border service officers.
  • From that moment, the visa will be invalid.

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