Vung Thom Pia Cake Village in Soc Trang, Vietnam

Vung Thom Pia Cake Village is located in My Tam commune, My Tu District, Soc Trang Province, Vietnam. The Village has existed for hundreds of years here. At present, it has 47 companies and big establishments producing Pia cakes.

In the early 17th century, the Qing Dynasty began to rule China, some Chinese people emigrated to Vietnam. They settled in some area in Vietnam including Vung Thom Village. Some Chinese here knew the way producing Pia cakes, so they developed this occupation. Gradually, many people in the area have lived on the work. This place has become the Pia cake village.

Over the years, the cakes are improved to appropriate for the taste of Vietnamese people. They are made from the plentiful material resources. The cakes in Vung Thom now have a special taste with an aroma of durian fruit, the greasy and buttery flavor of salted duck eggs and steamed green beans and Indian taroes. Vung Thom Pia Cakes is a specialty of Soc Trang Province.
Besides Vung Thom Pia Cake Village, some other places in Soc Trang also produce Pia cakes. Thanks to sound policies on improving the quality of products and promoting the trademark of Pia cakes, many Pia cake enterprises in Soc Trang were granted certificates of meeting the standards of food safety and hygiene and management, export Pia cakes to foreign markets. Tan Hue Vien Company now has an agent in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and in Germany. Recently, the company exported 40 tonnes of cakes to the US and is expected to expand the market to the EU after investing over 20 billion VND to upgrade the system of facilities and production technology.

People in Soc Trang often present Pia cakes to each other on the occasions of the moon worshipping ceremony (on  October 15 according to the lunar calendar) or festivals to express their sentiments. Tourists traveling through Soc Trang always buy some boxes of Pia cakes to come back to present to relatives or friends.

Vung Thom Pia Cake Village is one of the famous traditional trade villages in the Mekong River Delta. If you have a chance to travel to Soc Trang Province, do not forget to visit Vung Thom Pia Cake Village where Pia Cakes originated. By the way, you can visit some famous traveling sites such as Long Hung Pagoda, Dat Set Pagoda, Doi Pagoda, Be Lake, Noi Market.

Pia Cake With Taro And Salted Duck Egg

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