Wealth God Day – January 10th in Lunar Calendar

Every year, on January 10th of the lunar calendar, Vietnamese people often buy offerings to offer to Wealth God (Fortune God or Money God) to pray for fortunes for a new year.

The origin of Wealth God Day

The Wealth God worshiping custom exists in the countries of the Asian cultural region such as China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Wealth God is the god controlling money and wealth. There are many tales about Wealth God, but the best-known one is the story of Trieu Cong Minh, who helped Khuong Tu Nha fight Tru Vuong. After his death, Trieu Cong Minh was appointed as Chinh Nhat Long Ho Huyen. he was given the task of administering money and wealth. In folk, people often worship Wealth God to pray for money, wealth.

In addition, there is another story about Wealth God Day: Wealth God was in heaven. Once, because he was too drunk, the god fell down on earth and lost his memory, forgetting who he was. Living wandering and not knowing what to do, he begged to live through the day.

Meeting a kind shop owner, he was invited in and ate a hearty meal. The shop had been very empty before, but when the old beggar walked in, suddenly the customers came in and out crowdedly. Notice that, the owner of the shop kept the old man in order to make the business easier.

After that, the beggar old man began to remember everything and returned to heaven. The day he flew back to heaven was the 10th day of the lunar calendar, so people consider the 10th of every month to be Wealth God Day.

There is also a book written that there was a Chinese merchant named Au Minh when passing through Thanh Thao Lake by chance met Thuy Than and was given a servant named Nhu Nguyen by god. Au Minh brought Nhu Nguyen to live in the house. Since then, Au Minh’s business has prospered every day. On a New Year’s Day, for a certain reason, Au Minh beat Nhu Nguyen. Because of being too scared, she got into the trash and disappeared. Since then, Au Minh has been lost, poorer and poorer. Folk consider Nhu Nguen as the wealth God and set up an altar to worship Nhu Nguyen. The Wealth God altar is usually located in a hidden corner of the house. According to this legend, during the 3 days of Tet, there is a custom to abstain from sweeping the house, collecting garbage for fear of losing Wealth God hiding in the garbage.

Wealth God

Wealth God.

Meaning of Wealth God Day

Every Vietnamese family worshiped the Wealth God. The Wealth God is often worshiped with the Earth God. Every day he is offered incense and water. Every month, on the 15th and 30th of the lunar calendar he is offered flowers and fruits.

Wealth God Day is January 10th of the lunar calendar. On this day, people, especially businessmen, celebrate very solemnly. This is not only a day to thank Wealth God for supporting homeowners in the past year but also a day of praying for Wealth God to bless homeowners in the new year. At Wealth God Day, people usually buy Gold, hoping to be lucky throughout the year.

Offerings on Wealth God Day

Offerings on Wealth God Day.

Vietnamese people show their respect to the Wealth God

Vietnamese people show their respect to the Wealth God.

buy gold on Wealth God Day - January 10th in Lunar Calendar

Every year, Gold shop is often full of customers on the Wealth God Day.

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