What to Eat in Danang?

What to Eat in Danang?

Danang would make you crazy when you travel to this city with beautiful beaches, amazing bridges, great mountains and especially exotic specialty foods. What to Eat in Danang? The following are 10 dishes which I’d like to recommend to you on your trip to Danang.

1. Banh Nam

Banh Nam in Danang Vietnam - What to eat in Danang

Banh Nam in Danang Vietnam - What to eat in Danang

Banh Nam is a traditional Vietnamese savory cake that is very popular in Central Vietnam. Banh Nam’s battle is made from rice flour and the fillings are made from mix of dried shrimp, ground pork, green onion and wood ear. The battle and fillings are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until it’s well-done. The cake is usually served hot with fish sauce dip. It’s about 10 cm long so that to be full, you should eat 4 sheets of Banh Nam. What to eat in Danang after Banh Nam? They’re Banh Loc and Banh Beo. In fact, at a Banh Nam stall, they also serve Banh Loc and Banh Beo.

2. Banh Bot Loc

Banh Loc in Danang Vietnam - What to eat in Danang

Banh Loc in Danang Vietnam - What to eat in Danang

Banh Loc is a tiny cake and as long as your finger. It’s made from tapioca flour and shrimp, pork and wood ear depends on the receipts. In Danang, you can be served this cake hot and still in banana leaves. To eat, you can use a chopstick to dip the cake into the fish sauce dip and tuck in. This chewy cake will make you would like to eat more and more.

3. Banh Beo (Bloating Fern-shaped Cake)

Bloating fern cake Banh Beo

Rice flour battle is steamed in tiny bowl and topped with deep-fried shallot, pork floss and ground dried shrimp. That’s all about dry Banh Beo – an amazing foods in Danang. The wet Banh Beo is topped with deep-fried shallot and a sauce made from green onion, ground pork and dried shrimp. It’s totally easy to eat Banh Beo by pour dipping fish sauce into the small bowl and use a small spoon to tuck in. A Vietnamese can eat dozen of Banh Beo in a few minutes. How about you? Let’s try!

4. Cha Bo (Beef Pie)

Beef Pie in Danang Vietnam - What to eat in Danang

Danang is famous for beef pie with a secret recipe and great taste. Fresh beef is ground for many times before being wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. The highlight of Danang beef pie is that it’s chewy and tender enough. Beef pie is usually eaten with steamed rice, rice noodle or Wet Pancake.


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5. Quang Style Noodle

Quang Style Noodle in Danang Vietnam - What to eat in Danang

When you’re in Danang, you can see Quang Style Noodle are everywhere on the streets. Danang people love to eat this kind of noodle soup in the morning or afternoon. When I asked what to eat in Danang? 50% locals recommended me to eat a bowl of Quang Style Noodle. Unlike other kinds of Vietnamese noodle soups, Quang Style Noodle broth doesn’t cover the noodle but it’s only enough to mix the noodle and toppings. The broth also makes Quang noodle different from others because it’s cooked from turmeric powder and peanut oil. Assorted herbs are served with the dish to make it fresh and comfortable to eat. There’re some kinds of Quang Style Noodle such as Quang Style Noodle with chicken, frog, fish, shrimp, egg… and you can choose one to meet your taste.

6. Cao Lau

Cao Lau Hoi An

Caolau is the soul of Hoian cuisine and it will be big miss if you don’t eat this kind of food in the ancient town. The highlight of this food is that the ash of a kind of tree in Hoian is used to make special yellow color of the noodle. This dish is served hot and topped with pork, shrimp and local greens. The sauce is enough for you to mix all in a bowl so that Caolau isn’t a noodle soup and isn’t a dried noodle dish. It’s Caolau noodle.

7. Roll with Pork and Rice Paper

Spring Roll in Danang Vietnam - What to eat in Danang

There is a part of pork that can be cut into thin slices with fat at 2 ends and its taste is very flavorful. This kind of boiled pork is the most favorite specialty foods in Danang. The boiled pork is eaten with rice paper, wet pancake, vegetables and a special sauce made from “mam nem” – macerated fish paste. This is what I recommend you should eat first when you arrived in Ho Chi Minh city. The smelling, tender and not very greasy boiled pork is worth a try.

8. Rice Noodle Soup with Fish Pie

Rice Noodle Soup with Fish Pie

Rice noodle soups are popular in Vietnam. Hanoi people love to eat Pho, people in Ho Chi Minh city prefer Crab Noodle Soup, Danang people usually choose a hot bowl of Rice Noodle Soup for their meal. The broth is cooked from pork bone, head and bone of many kinds of fishes so that it’s very rich and delicious. The dish is topped with tough and crunchy fish pie pieces. Macerated fish paste, pickled carrot, chili, shallot, fish sauce, chili paste and assorted herbs, bean sprouts, salad are free for dinners to put into the bowl of noodle soup at their wish. If you’re finding something comfortable to eat in Danang, Rice Noodle Soup with Fish Pie is a good choice.

9. Wet Pancake

Wet Rice Pancake in Danang

Nowadays, wet pancake is easy to find around Vietnam. But wet pancake in each region has its special taste. I’d like to recommend you to taste Danang style wet pancake which is topped with ground dried shrimp, beef pie and deep-fried shallot. There’s no vegetable served with wet pancake like in South and North Vietnam.

10. Vietnamese Pancake

Vietnamese Pancake in Central Vietnam

Vietnamese Pancake in South Vietnam’s diameter is about 40 cm while Central Style Vietnamese Pancake is as small as your hand. This kind of crepe in Danang is very crispy and attractive with yellow color from turmeric powder. To eat, just use a leaf of green or rice paper roll pancake with some herbs and dip into the dipping macerated fish sauce paste. What a perfect mix of all ingredients!

Now you’ve known what to eat in Danang and do not hesitate to skip your trip to this must-visit city.

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