What to see at Saigon local market?

Saigon local market

In Ho Chi Minh city, there are about 300 local markets which are familiar places for locals buy fresh fruits everyday. Most of Saigonese people who are not very busy love to buy products including fresh meat, fishes, vegetables at local market in the morning. It’s a big miss if tourists don’t visit these Saigon local market, see real life in the city behind famous tourist attractions and luxury shopping centers. What to see at Saigon local market?

Live Fish At Saigon Local Market

Live red tilapia is one of the most favorite ingredient of Vietnamese people because it’s delicious and healthy. It’s usually used to cook Sweet and Sour Soup, Crispy Deep-fried Red Tilapia eaten with dipping fish sauce or Braised Red Tilapia in Caramel

Chicken Leg At Saigon Local Market

Chicken feet aren’t be thrown in Vietnam, smelling and gelatinous Grilled Chicken Feet is one of the best foods to eat when drinking beer in the country. The thin outermost layer of chicken foot should be remove before cooking, other layers of skin and tendons are edible. Chicken foot has a distinct texture which is totally different from other parts of chicken. 

Live Frogs At Saigon Local Market

Plastic threads are used to tie live frogs and keep them from escaping. Sellers are happy to help buyers to remove frogs’s skin after buyers have paid for live frogs. Frog meat rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and potassium. Frog meat has mild flavor, its texture is similar to chicken wing.

Pig Legs At Saigon Local Market

Pig legs are favorite of Vietnamese cooks because they can be used to make delicious soup, soup cake, noodle soup, braise, stew… In South Vietnam, Soup Cake with Pig Legs, Soup with Pig Legs and Bamboo Shoot, Braised Pig Legs, Boiled Pig Legs eaten with rice paper, herbs, dip from fish sauce or fermented shrimp paste are famous traditional foods tourists should try.

Live Snails At Saigon Local Market

Snails are rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. Live snails are sold popularly at Saigon local market. Snail dishes have become familiar with many families in Vietnam as well as Saigon. There are a wide range of methods to cook snails: grilling, toasting, roasting, stir-fried…

Octopus At Saigon Local Market

Grilled Octopus, Stir-fried Octopus, Congee with Octopus are favorite dishes for home meals in Vietnam.

Fresh Vegetables At Saigon Local Market

Saigon local market is full of fresh and healthy vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, tomato, salad, green onion. Some vegetables such as bamboo shoot, bitter melon, okra, malabar spinach, bean sprouts, bitter greens, taro, garlic scape may be strange to foreigners.

Fruits At Saigon Local Market

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