Aeon Mall Binh Tan

Aeon Mall is the first Japanese shopping mall in Vietnam, they have opened 2 malls in Ho Chi Minh City. In comparison to Aeon Mall Tan Phu, Aeon Mall Binh Tan is larger, more beautiful and provides more products, facilities and services. It brings customers everything they need from a mall: from shopping to entertainment, food and beverage. Aeon Mall Binh Tan is proud to be one of the best shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City, a comfortable and emotional space for both locals and foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City.

General information about Aeon Mall Binh Tan

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 10:00 – 22:00; Weekends: 09:00 – 22:00; 365/365 days

Address: No. 1, Street 17A, Quarter 11, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. The mall is about 12 km from District 1 – the city center. This is the only minus of this shopping mall.

Hotline: 1900 636922



Grand opening day: 1st July 2016

Owner: Aeon Mall – the biggest retail corporation in Japan

Site area: 4.6 hectares; Total floor area: 114,000 m2; Number of floors: 4 floors and 1 basement

History and building of Aeon Mall Binh Tan

The construction of Aeon Mall Binh Tan was started in 2015. On 1st July 2016 at 10:00 AM, Aeon Mall announced the grand opening of Aeon Mall Binh Tan – the 4th Aeon Shopping Malls in Vietnam. On the grand opening day, there were so many customers visit Aeon Mall Binh Tan so that there was a traffic jam in the streets around it. The mall was overcrowded, the shelves of foods, drinks, products were usually empty.

The mall was built in a site area of 4.6 hectares and has a total floor area of 114,000 m2. It has 4 floors and 1 basement, the gross leasable area is approximately 60,000 m2. The car parking capacity is 1,500, motorcycle and bicycle capacity is about 4,000. Designed to be eco-friendly, the mall has the lightning system in the mall include all LED lights, C02 systems, sunlight energy system and lots of green trees.

The facade of Aeon Mall Binh Tan is curved, some areas of the facade are covered with artificial plants and vines. The dynamic lighting system adds charms to the mall when the sun goes down.

Aeon Mall Binh Tan

The curved facade and modern design of Aeon Mall Binh Tan and the open area around the building for parking and green trees.

What is inside Aeon Mall Binh Tan?

Aeon Mall Binh Tan brings customers lots of services which are divided into the following categories: Entertainment, Service, Shops for Children & Family, Fashion, Food & Beverage, General Merchandise Store, Jewlry, Cosmetic, Accessories.

Ground floor, first and second floors: Entertainment, Service, Shops for children & families, Fashion, Food & Beverage, General Merchandise Store, Jewelry, Cosmetics and Accessories

Third floor: Food & Beverage

Aeon Supermarket & Department Store & Food Court

Aeon Supermarket & Department Store & Food Court spread over 3 floors with a total area of 22,700 m2. Supermarket, food court, Health and wellness, Aeon bicycle shop are located on the ground floor.

supermarket on ground floor Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Fresh flowers 2. Fresh fruits such as kiwis 3. Topvalu products including Aeon brands, products imported from Korea, Japan and Taiwan 4. Seafood including live fishes, shrimps, crabs, blood cockles, etc.

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The spacious Aeon Food Court is placed on the ground floor, provides a wide range of choices for customers. This is one of the crowded areas in the mall at lunch and dinner times in the mall. The smell of freshly baked cakes, broths of noodle dishes, fried dishes spreads in the air, attracts most of the visitors. In comparison to other restaurants in the mall, foods and drinks at the food court is cheaper. Customers should grab the foods, pay at one of the cashiers, then eat at the dinning area with tables and chairs. They can warm the foods using the microwave oven and wash their hands at a sink in the dinning area.

Food court at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

The food court offers hundreds of prepared Vietnamese, Western and Asian foods. It is recommended not to miss Japanese foods such as sushi, onigiri, tempura, noodle soups, pancake, etc. The dinning area is rather spacious, with wood tables and chairs.

The first floor is the world of clothes, cosmetics, accessories including bags, backpacks, purses, clutches, belts, shoes, slippers for men and women. There are clothes from famous brand names such as Everich, Dan Chau, Hanh, etc. and lots of trial rooms in the area.

Fashion, accessries, cosmetics at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Luggages and backpacks 2. Cosmetics 3. Clothes for women 4. Clothes for men

On the second floor, customers can find baby care products including baby clothes, baby bottles, toys, diapers, clothes, footwear, strollers, car seats, foods for the baby such as formula infant, cereals, cookies, etc. On this floor, there is an indoor playground for kids named Molly Fantasy, an electronics center, an area for furnishings and home decors.

furnishings, electronics, decors, kitchenware at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. U shaped pillows, bed covers and sheets 2. Refrigerator in the Aeon electronics center 3. Home decors such as artificial flowers, fruits 4. Kitchenware such as pots, pans

Areas and services for kids at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Baby clothes 2. Aeon toy stores 3. Kidzoona indoor playground for kids, entrance ticket costs 100,000 VND/child on weekends, 70,000 VND/child on weekdays, 20,000 VND/adult 4. Molly Fantacy with lots of modern game machines

Fashion and accessories stores and stalls

From the ground floor to the first floor, customers can choose the most fashionable clothes and accessories at retailer stores under famous foreign and domestic brands including Ninomax, Adidas, G200, Owen, Labella, Rabitty, iBasic, etc.

Fashion stores at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Mango 2. Adidas Neo 3. Crocs 4. Converse

Accessories and fashion stores at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Mat Viet eyewear store 2. An Phuoc – Pierre Cardin fashion shop 3. The Body Shop cosmetic shop 2. iBasic underwear shop

Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes are at every level of the mall so that customers can easily stop and choose something to eat or drink to satisfy their stomachs and boost energy. The mall has both buffet and ala carte restaurants, fast food restaurants, restaurants serving menus of different cuisines including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Lao, Chinese, Italian, etc. Highlands Coffee, Bread Talk, Bobabop are great places to sit, relax, eat some desserts and sip some drinks at the mall.

restaurant at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Crystal Jade Kitchen – Guangdong cuisin 2. Gogi House – Korean Grill & BBQ 3. Khao Lao – Lao cuisine 4. Thai Express – Thai cuisine

Coffee shops at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. BoBaPop milk tea bar 2. Baskin Robbins ice cream, dessert cafe 3. Sweet soup stall in the Pho Hoi food area 4. Pho Hoi food area decorated with colorful Hoi An lanterns

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Kohnan Japan Home Center, lifestyle stores

Kohnan Japan Home Center is proud to provide Japanese home furnishings and thousands of other products including foods to customers in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring regions. Spacious store, high-quality products are highlights of this home center. Smaller lifestyle and convenience stores include Daiso – the oldest one-price shop in Japan and Citi Premium selling imported products.

Lifestyle stores, electronics and home center Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Daiso – Japanese one-price shop 2. Kohnan Japan home center 3. Medicare wellness and beauty store selling medicine, cosmetics 3. The Gioi Di Dong electronics retail store sells telephones, telephone accessories, sim cards

Fahasha Book Store

Fahasha is one of top 2 bookstore chains in Vietnam, Fahash Phu Lam in Aeon Mall Binh Tan has 100,000 book names and 5,000 stationery and office supplies, toy, decoration items.

TiniWorld Playground for Kids and DreamWork Entertainment Center

TiniWorld, which owns 40 play centers is the top 1 Playground for kids in Vietnam. TiniWorld in Aeon Mall Binh Tan is one of the largest TiniWorld play centers, provide spaces for kids to not only play but also learn from toys and playground equipment.

Entertainment services at Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Fahasha bookstore 2. CGV cinema complex 3. Tiniworld kids playcenter 4. Dream Games where to play bowling, experience lots of amazing modern games and receive gifts.

CGV Cinema

CGV Cinemas Aeon Binh Tan is Vietnam’s first cinema introducing Starium Laser 3D technology and new experience on giant screens.

Facilities of Aeon Mall Binh Tan

Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1. Shopping mall touch screen where customers can search for information about the mall 2. Resting areas and beautifully decorated corners 3. Information counter 4. Baby carts and wheelchairs

Aeon Mall Binh Tan

Vietinbank, Eximbank, Vietcombank, Techcombank, BIDV ATMs

Information counter

Information counter in the center of the ground floor supports customers, provide the necessary information, etc.

Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service is located next to the supermarket area of Aeon Mall on the ground floor.


The parking has capacity for 1,500, 4,000 motorcycles and bicycles to park in the open area outside the mall’s building, the basement and the 3rd floor open area.


About 5 ATM machines owned by popular banks are arranged next to Aeon General Merchandise Store on the ground floor.

Solar panel

Solar battery modules with a total capacity of 320KW was installed on the roof of parking. The panels provide 83% energy for the indoor LED lightning system of the mall

AED medical mach

Automated external defibrillator medical machine, used to convert heart rhythms is available at the shopping mall for saving customers if needed.

“Pocket park” and “Forest park”

“Pocket park” and “Forest park” means little parks in the city. They have design rest place with chairs, benches or sofas and green trees, even miniature forests on each floors

Directional signage

In order to bring better experiences to customers, Aeon Mall Binh Tan improves the design of directional signage.

Smoking room

The mall arranges 3 smoking rooms for customer’s own needs. This also make sure there is no smoke which can bother non-smoking customers at the shopping center.

Baby room

Aeon Mall Binh Tan designed corners for babies inside female toilets, help families with kids feel more comfortable shopping here.


Toilets with modern facilities, beautiful decoration and waiting areas are one of the highlights of the mall.

Free services

Free services at Aeon Mall Binh Tan includes relaxing area, kid zones on almost every floor, handicap carts and kid carts, free Wifi, free bus from the mall to other districts and Long An Provinces.

Floor plan of Aeon Mall Binh Tan

Ground floor plan Aeon Mall Binh Tan

Ground floor plan

1st floor plan Aeon Mall Binh Tan

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan Aeon Mall Binh Tan

2nd floor plan

Aeon Mall Binh Tan

3F and RF (3rd floor and roof top plan

Aeon Mall Binh Tan

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