What’s Inside Best Vietnamese Sandwiches in Ho Chi Minh city

Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi) is an amazing food. It could be eaten with various foods and its fillings could be cooked with various ingredients. Recipe makes a brand of Vietnamese Sandwich delicious and different from other brands. Banh Mi is sold everywhere in Ho Chi Minh city. To attract customers, the owner must create unique recipes that couldn’t be found anywhere else. And that makes the trademark of their Banh Mi.

Isn’t it curious about what the original recipes of Banh Mi Saigon are at 3 most famous Vietnamese Sandwich stalls: Huynh Hoa, Bay Ho, Nhan Ngai? Let’s find it out with me.

1. Banh Mi Huynh Hoa

Vietnamese Sandwich at Huynh Hoa stall has been very famous among Saigon people and tourists. Everyday many people wait in line for a Banh Mi that is 3 times more expensive (32,000VND) than others that are sold on Saigon streets. For over 10 years, Banh Mi Huynh Hoa has been attracted customers of all ages and becomes more and more famous. Maybe the secret of the food include pattee and Vietnamese pork roll which can be considered a fantastic couple.

Banh Mi Huynh Hoa

Bay Ho Break

Locals and foreigner visitors were waiting in line to buy one of the most well-known Banh Mi Saigon.

Firstly the pate is super creamy so that you can feel the liver is blended as much as possible. It looks rose and attractive. This pate has a strong savory flavor.

Some local people don’t like to eat pate with Vietnamese Sandwich in Ho Chi Minh city because they are afraid of being fat. But pate at Huynh Hoa stall makes them change their minds because the pate is salty, smelling and tastily rich. Pate is an important ingredient and makes a soft base to put other ingredients on it.

It couldn’t be missed many kinds of “meat served cold” like Vietnamese pork roll, dried shredded pork, pork side… which are used to fill the bread. All are succulent and clean.

Vietnamese Bread Or Banh Mi
Before being filled, the bread was slightly grilled on charcoal to make it crispy and warm. Super creamy pate of Banh Mi Huynh Hoa. Finger eating

Looking at many kinds of meat served cold in the glass food cabinet, you would be mouth watering. Vietnamese pork roll is cut by machine into thin slices that will be put into the bread. The fat in the roll is enough so that the food isn’t bored to eat. You can feel the taste and smell of fresh meat.

Dried shredded pork and vegetables, pickles make Banh Mi less tastily rich.

Address: 26 Le Thi Rieng street, District 1, TPHCM

2. Banh Mi Nhan Ngai

Banh Mi Nhan Ngai is a well-known trademark in Da Lat so that it is accepted fast by Saigon people. Vietnamese Sandwich with chicken is the special dish of Banh Mi Nhan Ngai. Chicken isn’t sliced but medium shredded. The chicken is dry enough. When you eat you can feel it’s chicken but not other kinds of meat.

Vietnamese break store

Break Vietnamese

The fillings are put in tray.

Nhan Ngai break

Banh Mi with shredded chicken is a special dish of Banh Mi Nhan Ngai.

Enough pickles, green onion and coriander are using while chicken is put more. The taste of chicken is fantastic so that you want to eat more and more.

Nhan Ngai break
The cook uses more chicken and fewer vegetables.
There are various choices of sauce which are secret recipes of the owner: mayonnaise, Da Lat pepper, soybean paste. These savory sauces make Banh Mi Nhan Ngai unique.

Mayonnaise and pepper sauces that make Banh Mi Nhan Ngai different from others.
Besides shredded chicken, you can choose smelling Vietnamese pork or beef roll to fill the bread.

Inside Banh Mi with Vietnamese pork or beef roll, there is soybean paste that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Address: 97 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street, District Binh Thanh

3. Banh Mi Bay Ho

If you would like to find a traditional Banh Mi, do not hesitate to head to Bay Ho stall in a small alley of Huynh Khuong Ninh street, District 1.

Bay Ho Break store
This simple Banh Mi Bay Ho metal cart last over 80 years.

Despite new recipes of Banh Mi appear, the recipe of Banh Mi Bay Ho hasn’t be changed for a long time. The price hasn’t been changed much. Banh Mi at this street food stall has been a favorite of many generations of Saigon people. The special ingredient is the extremely delicious pattee that you would remember for the first taste.
The first owner of this street food stall is Mr. Tran Van Hau. He sold Banh Mi with pork, pattee and Vietnamese pork roll. Her daughter Mrs. Tran Le Suong and his grandson Mr. Ho Quoc Dung are running the business. The recipe of pate is inherited from generation to generation. The taste of pattee hasn’t be changed. So that many elders come here to find the taste of memory although it’s from their houses to the street food stall.

 Bay Ho Break
Pate, pork  roll, fresh vegetables and picklesand  in special Vietnamese Break

That’s how to make a 80-year-old Banh Mi.

Address: 23 Huynh Khuong Ninh street, District 1.

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