Braised Shrimp In Fish Sauce And Caramel

Braised Shrimp in Fish Sauce and Caramel

Shrimp is delicious and nutrient-rich so that it has been a favorite food of many people. There are thousands of shrimp recipes in the world. In Vietnam, Braised Shrimp in Fish Sauce and Caramel or Tom kho tau is a traditional food which is usually served with steamed rice for meals in Vietnam. The dish is cooked from shrimp, fish sauce, caramel sauce, coconut water, chopped green onion,  garlic and spices (sugar, salt, black pepper). Fish sauce is a key ingredient of many Vietnamese braised dishes, including Braised shrimp. The sauce helps to enhance the dish flavor and smell. The brown viscious caramel sauce which is made from coconut water make the dish have an attractive brown color. This shrimp recipe is easy and quick.  Fresh shrimps are washed, peeled off, drained off and seasoned with fish sauce, caramel sauce, chopped green onion, garlic, and spices at least 30 minutes. The cook stir-fries the seasoned shrimps with minced garlic for a few minutes, then add coconut water and cook until the broth turn gelatinous. The dish is topped with ground black pepper and chopped green onion, served with steamed rice, soup and/or vegetables, herbs.

Braised Shrimp In Fish Sauce And Caramel

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