Butter fried quail in Vietnam

Street foods are enormous in Vietnam perhaps locals prefer eating out at street food stalls and food markets, especially at night when it’s cool and windy. Coming to Vietnam, foodies from other countries have chance to not only taste the most famous street food Banh mi but also a wide range of amazing street foods. In this post I would like to introduce Chim cut chien bo or Butter fried quail in Vietnam – a very special food which could win the hearts of most dinners.

Quail meat (whole quail or a half of quail) is marinated with soy sauce, honey, black pepper, ground garlic, five-spice powder for 5-12 hours in refrigerator. Then quail meat is deep-fried in oil at high temperature before being steamed. After that the crispy outside, tender inside and smelling quails are covered by a thin layer of butter.

Fried quail with butter is served hot with Vietnamese mints, mix of ground black pepper and salt, chili, plain bread, cucumber, pickled green mango and a special sauce made from butter and quail marinade. The heads and wings of fried quails are so crispy that dinners can eat whole of them. A quail hasn’t a lot of meat so that deep-frying until its head and wing are crispy is the best way to cook quail. It’s delicious to dip the quail into both special sauce and mix of salt and pepper. Most of dinners use fingers to eat, they grab piece of quail, a leaf of Vietnamese mint, a cucumber slice and dip into the dip and eat. How can I describe the perfect taste? It has been said that quail meat is similar to chicken or turkey but more flavorful. Once you try, you will know if it’s true. Dinners then dip a piece of plain bread into the sauce from marinade and tuck in. Pickled green mango is funny to eat, it also makes the food less greasy. Some prefer fill the whole bread with quail, mint, cucumber and pour the sauce onto them to eat like Vietnamese Banh mi.

Fried Quail With Butter In Vietnam

Crispy and fragrant Butter fried quails is served with Vietnamese mint, cucumber, mix of salt and pepper and brown special sauce from butter and quail marinade

Eating Fried Quail With Butter

Foreigners and locals enjoy Chim cut chien bo at a street food stall, plain breads are also served with this food.

Eating Pickled Green Mango With Fried Quail With Butter

A toothpick is used to eat sweet, sour and hot pickled green mango

Fill Plain Bread With Fried Quail With Butter

Eating Banh mi filled with Butter fried quail, Vietnamese mint and cucumber

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