Fried rice with ocean crab in Phu Quoc

Vietnamese cuisine has a wide range of fried rice recipes to offer food lovers. Not as complex as Young Chew fried rice, not as dedicated as Hue fried rice with baby clam, not as special as Fried rice with salt-preserved fish, Fried rice with ocean crab in Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province has a typical taste and smell which reflects the characteristics of this island which is full of fresh seafood and exotic dishes from seafood.

Main ingredients for this dish are rice, ocean crab, egg, veggies (tomato, cucumber, coriander), fish sauce. To cook Fried rice with ocean crab, choose alive ocean crabs, prepare and boil them, get the flesh out of the shells and shred them into small pieces. Then stir-fry steamed rice, the ocean crab flesh, thinly sliced onion, egg, cubed carrot, chopped green onion.

Fried rice with ocean crab in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc fried rice with ocean crab is decorated with chili pepper flowers and coriander. It is served with vegetables including cucumber, tomato, and coriander and sweet-sour fish sauce dip. The dish looks colorful with yellow rice seeds, white and orange ocean crab flesh, red chili pepper, green veggies, reddish-brown fish sauce dip. A portion of fried rice with ocean crab is served as a meal which can fulfill your empty stomach, satisfy your taste, provide energy, vitamins, and minerals.

You can eat Fried rice with ocean crab at any restaurant in the island. However, it has been said that the best place to eat this dish is Ham Ninh Fishing Village. Ocean crabs at this village are smaller but their flesh is firmer, tastier and more smelling. Ham Ninh village is 16 km far from Duong Dong urban town. It is easy to go there from the center of the island by car or motorbike.

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