Chau Doc Market in Chau Doc City, An Giang Province

Chau Doc is a city in An Giang province, located in the Mekong Delta, close to the border of Vietnam and Cambodia. Visitors coming to Chau Doc will have the opportunity to visit Chau Doc Market, the market offers a variety of specialties such as salted fish, dried fish, and Palmyra fruit. In addition to Chau Doc specialties, around the market, there are also departments selling enough consumer goods for tourists. Join us to discover Chau Doc Market via the article below.

Located in Chau Phu A ward, Chau Doc city, An Giang province, Chau Doc market is a tourist destination not to be missed in An Giang traveling journey. The market has a lot of goods, the time to market from early morning to noon. The market is given the name “the kingdom of fermented fish” because the half of the stalls in the market sell fermented fish. There are about 30 kinds of fermented fishes with delicious taste including catfish, snakeskin gouramis, snake-head fish, anabas, henicorhynchus and salted melon ones displayed on the counter. Besides the delicious fermented fish, dried fish with hundreds of species are also sold in Chau Doc Market. The famous here are dried fish of catfish, snakes, snakeskin gouramis, loaches, mystuses.

Discovering Chau Doc Market, of course, tourists cannot ignore palmyra specialty. Palmyra is tree kind without branches the same as coconut trees, but taller and bigger trunks, round leaves the same as fan-palms.  Palmyra fruit grow into bunches, the fruit as big as Thai coconut fruit, the inside having white meat the same as water coconut meat. Palmyra water is sweet and cool, just drinking a mouth also making tourists hardly forget the taste. Some stalls sell fresh palmyra fruit and some stalls sell palmyra fruit processed such as palmyra jelly, palmyra sponge cakes. According to An Giang traveling experience, if tourists want to enjoy delicious fresh palmyra fruit, come here from January to July on the lunar calendar. This is the season that palmyra trees blossom and give fruit.

Besides palmyra fruit, Chau Doc market also sells many forest xay fruit. Xay fruit is oval shaped. The peel is brittle and black or dark brown colored. During eating just using hand to press lightly, the peel layer will break and reveal the meat inside. When the food is in the mouth, the forest xay fruit will be tasted sour, being longer, they will be tasted light sweet. Visitors can buy a bag of xay fruit to take along the road.

Chau Doc Market also buy may gai. May gai is orange colored when ripening is dark colored. This fruit comes from Thailand, and is imported to An Giang via the Cambodian border. May gai peel layer has small thorns but not sharp, easy to peel. The smell of may gai is like both jackfruit and a bit of forest mountain flavor. When enjoying may gai, visitors feel sweet and sour tasted, very characteristic.

In addition to the famous specialties, Chau Doc Market also sells many other items for tourists such as clothes, shoes, hats, wallets, belts, backpacks, bags, masks, etc. You can find many other items if you have time walking around a Chau Doc Market.

Chau Doc Market is not only a busy market offering the necessary items to local people and tourists but also more meaning. This market is considered one of the tourist attractions in An Giang, attracting domestic and foreign visitors. Here, visitors learn about the culture, habits and ways of living of Chau Doc people in particularity and An Giang people in generality.

Chau Doc Market

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