Clay Pagoda in Soc Trang, Vietnam

Clay Pagoda (also known as Buu Son Tu) is one of the famous pagodas in Vietnam. The pagoda has thousands of beautiful and skillful statues made of clay for 40 years. This is the pagoda having Vietnamese architectural style among many pagodas having Khmer architectural style in the region.

Clay Pagoda was built to pray at home by Ngo ancestry in the 20th century. This pagoda was first only a small temple built of wood on the small area and the inside worshiped very simply. In 1928, the pagoda was enlarged and built newly with bricks by Mr. Ngo Kim Tong (Mr. Nam Tong).

It is said that Mr. Nam Tong had an omen in a dream given by the Buddha in a dangerous sickness. He decided to build newly the pagoda and made statues with clay instead of wood, stone or bronze. Throughout 42 years working hard he made worship statues and mascot statues very delicately and skillfully and they have existed until now.

The pagoda campus has an area of 400m2. The three-arched-entrance gate is built according to oriental architectural style, but neater. On the top of the gate is 2 dragons looking at a pearl. Above the main entrance has 2-word lines: one in Chinese, one in Vietnamese to show pagoda name. On 4 pillars has word lines in Chinese. All make hoariness for the pagoda.

The front of the main hall is built of modern materials, 2 main pillars are carved winding dragon shape very skillfully. The part left of the temple is only wood pillars, tole roofs, one floor, and has a simple structure. The 2 temple roofs are supported by 24 pillars, each one is decorated with a winding dragon shape made of clay. Inside the temple has over 1,000 statues of Buddha, Fairies, Saints, and Mascots. The worship way of pagoda shows the view of three religions the same one origin of oriental countries.

Clay Pagoda in Soc Trang is also famous for 4 giant pairs of candles consisting of 3 pairs with the height of 2.6m, the width of 1m and made of 200kg wax, and the pair left is made of 100kg max. Moreover, in the pagoda has big incense sticks, each stick has the height of 1.5m and the weight of 50kg.

In clay Pagoda also has a thirteen-floor tower with the height of 4.5m. 280 Buddha statues are put in 208 doors and 156 dragons support for the tower floors. Another tower has the height of 2m and has a lotus on the top. Both of towers are made of clay.

Visiting  Clay Pagoda, anybody also respects Mr. Nam Tong – a talent farmer in the Mekong River Delta. Clay Pagoda in Soc Trang is a unique pagoda in Vietnam. Traveling to Soc Trang, you should not miss the opportunity of visiting this famous site.

Clay Pagoda in Soc Trang

Clay Pagoda in Soc Trang

Clay Pagoda in Soc Trang

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