Tube cake of Khmer people

Tube cake of Khmer people has been a favorite food as well as a nice gift in Soc Trang province thanks to low price and great taste. The cake is served for breakfast or eaten as a snack. Tube cake has a green color, sweet and greasy taste, typical smell of pandan leaves. It is as small as a child’s wrist.

Tube cake recipe is very easy, ingredients for the cake are rice, pandan leaf juice, sugar and coconut creme. The rice must be high-quality, sticky and smelling. The rice should be ground with water until well-kneaded. The cook should follow a ratio of rice to coconut cream, sugar so that the cake is not only sticky but also spongy, the cake is not too sweet not too greasy.

Tube cake is steamed in a 10-cm-long cylindrical tube made from bamboo/tin/ aluminum. It is the reason why they call the cake “Tube cake”. They put a round tin/aluminum piece at the bottom of the mold. A bamboo stick is put in the middle of the tube in order to get the cake out of the mold easily when the cake is well-done. After pouring the mixture of all ingredients into the tube, the cook put the tube onto the lid of the pot containing boiling water to steam for about 2 minutes. Then get the bamboo stick up to get the cake out of the tube.

Tube cake is usually served on banana leaves, topped with shredded coconut meat, a mix of salt and toasted sesame (or crushed roasted peanuts). Khmer people in Soc Trang like eating this cake when it is still hot to feel its taste to the fullest. The simple tube cake has attracted lots of local people as well as Vietnamese and foreign travelers coming to Soc Trang province. It has become more and more popular not only in Soc Trang but also in other regions of the countries.

Tube cake of Khmer people on street

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