Da Phuoc Saint House in Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat, peaceful and quiet land area is in Lam Vien plateau. Nature has offered this land area mild climate and gentle people. Is that why Dalat has had many religions, such as Buddhism, Catholicism, Cao Daism. Hiding deeply in the mountains and the forests is impressive religious buildings. A prominent religious work of Caodaism in the tourist city of Da Lat is Da Phuoc Saint House (Vietnamese: Thánh Thất Đa Phước).

Da Phuoc Saint House is located in Ward 11, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. The Saint House was built in 1938 on the occasion that Ngoc Ngo Thanh Monk was sent to Dalat to spread Caodaism by the Tay Ninh Temple (Tòa Thánh Tây Ninh). Nguyen Van Khiet (1891-1972) was the first member of Caodaism in Dalat. He was later appointed to be the leader of Da Phuoc Saint House.

Situating on a 10-hectare hill and surrounded by green pines creates a solemn and pure look. The first impression of visitors when coming to Da Phuoc is a harmonious combination of landscape and religious architecture.

Looked from the outside, the Da Phuoc Saint House architectural style is similar with a Catholic church – The front is Bell Tower and Drum Tower (Vietnamese: Hiệp Thiên Đài), the middle is the place for the believers (Vietnamese: Cửu Trùng Đài}  and the back is the place worshipping the God (Creator), Buddhas, Fairíes, Saints and Gods (Vietnamese: Bát Quái Đài}. Bell Tower and Drum Tower have cubic shape with 5 floors. The place for believers has 2 roofs covered red tiles. The place worshipping the God has tower shape.

Looked into the inside, behind the front hall is Supper Monk Pham Cong Tac (Vietnamese: Hộ Pháp Phạm Công Tắc) – a person is responsible for the preservation of the law of Caodaism. The place for believers has 2 big round pillar lines carved Dragon very skillfully. Place worshipping the God has 8 dragon pillars arranged into an eight – side figure, in the center has a large altar divided into 5 steps. The top step has the God Eye (Vietnamese: Thiên Nhãn) picture, the steps below worship the gods representing for some religions, consisting of Laotsu (Chinese:老子), Shakyamuni, Confucius ( 孔子), avalokitesvara (觀世音), Lǐ Bái (李白); Quanvu (關羽), Jesus Christ, Khuongtunha (姜仔呀).

Above worshiping way shows the philosophy of Caodaism. The God (the creator) is the person who creates everything in the universe. Religions were founded by him. This time he collects into one. Everyone should recognize brothers or sisters and love one another.

Coming to Da Phuoc, We will get to enjoy a beautiful natural sight and a unique architectural style connected by 2 culture: the east and the west, understand spirit:  religions have the same an origin, feel love one other more.

Da Phuoc Saint House

Da Phuoc Saint House

Da Phuoc Saint House

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