Eating Danang Specialty Foods at Ba Be Stall

Eating Danang Specialty Foods at Ba Be Stall

Which Danang specialty foods to eat? Where to taste Danang specialty foods? I’ like to let you know immediately that it would be a big miss if you don’t eat Banh Beo, Banh Nam, Banh Loc, Banh Uot (WetPancake) and Cha Bo (Beef Pie) in Danang. Ba Be stall at 100 Hoang Van Thu is a favorite place of locals to eat these cake. I’ve come there and paid less than 5 US Dollars to be full of all kinds of Danang specialties. Firstly, I ordered a portion of Banh Uot or Wet Pancake with Beef Pie and Fish Sauce. The white, tough but tender Pancake is topped with ground dried shrimp and crispy deep-fried shallot. The Beef Pie is about 10 cm long and wrapped in green banana leaves. I use my fingers to peel the leaves and put the pie into the plate before pouring some sour and sweet fish sauce dipping onto the Wet Pancake. At last, just use the chopsticks to tuck in. What such amazing food?

Wet Rice Pancake - one of Danang Specialty Foods

After eating the Wet Pancake, I still feel hungry so that I ordered 1 Banh Nam and 2 Banh Loc. These two kinds of cake are also wrapped in banana leaves and they look very attractive. They were still warm when the waitress served them. Because the Banh Nam is bigger than Banh Loc, I chose to eat it first. Banh Nam is a Vietnamese traditional food like you can see in the photo below. The battle is made from rice flour and fillings are made from dried shrimp, ground pork, green onion and wood ear. To eat, just use a spoon to pour the dipping fish sauce onto the Banh Nam and tuck in.

Banh Nam - one of Danang Specialty Foods

Banh Loc is a small cake made from tapioca flour and dried shrimp. The dipping sauce to eat with this kind of cake is less sweet than the one made for Banh Nam and Banh Uot. Banh Loc is chewy, fresh and very flavorful.

Banh Loc or tapioca dumplings with shrimp and pork - one of Danang Specialty Foods

The last foods I’ve tasted at this stall is Banh Beo Chen which is served in tiny bowl. Rice flour battle is steamed in very small ceramic bowl. There are two kinds of Banh Beo at this stall, the dry Banh Beo is topped with deep-fried shallot, pork floss, ground dried shrimp while the wet Banh Beo is topped with a sauce of ground pork, shrimp and other ingredients. I drank a cup of tea to finish the meal and paid less than 5 US Dollars.

Bloating fern cake or Banh beo - one of Danang Specialty Foods

That’s all about my meal at Ba Be stall in Danang. It’s not only impressive but also strange and tasty specialty foods. The stall opens from early morning and closes when all foods are sold out, normally 6:30 PM. The stall is always crowded with locals and visitors for great foods. All Danang specialty foods are served at this eatery. Just come there, find for yourself a seat and order the foods. I hope you enjoy your meal.


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