Emergency Phone Numbers in Vietnam and Common Vietnamese Phrases for Emergency

In Vietnam, you may need to call emergency numbers if you see someone suffers an accident, you get injured or are very sick. Which phone numbers to call? 112, 113, 114, 115 are emergency telephone numbers in Vietnam. You should call 112 if there is a need for urgent research and rescue after natural and marine disasters. Dialing 113, you report to the police about criminal activity or suicide. You call an ambulance by number 115 and call the fire and rescue teams by dialing 114. We will go into details about Emergency Phone Numbers in Vietnam and Common Vietnamese Phrases for Emergency.

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Emergency Phone Numbers in Vietnam

Call police: 113

When to call 113 in Vietnam?

Call 113 in the following situations:

  • Crimes occur or there is a crime risk. For example, a person breaks into your room, a group of people gather, carry weapons and are going to fight each other.
  • There is a criminal or a suspect or a person who is going to break Vietnamese laws. For example, you see a person or a group of people threaten a person or any organization’s life, health or properties.
  • Someone gets injured or is in danger. For example, someone is going to kill himself or someone suffers an accident.
  • Someone causes social disorder or affect citizens or communities. For example, an accident results in an argument or fight, people fight each other or cause social disorder.
  • Foreigners are attacked or threatened.
  • A serious traffic accident occurs.

Source: zing.vn.

How to call 113?

  • 113 is free and can be dialed with any phone. The phone call goes straight to the Information Command Center of Police 113.
  • Dial 113 without area code, region code, country code. When there is the response signal, follow the instructions on the phone.
  • Calm yourself and provide exact information.
  • Provide the exact location. It is better to provide your personal information which is kept secret.
  • Provide information about criminals, suspects, victims and people involving, weapons, vehicles’ models, vehicles’ plate numbers.
  • All information you provide are kept secret.

When shouldn’t call 113?

  • You should not call 113 if the cases are not listed in When to call 113 in Vietnam?
  • Cases involving in social disorder and have been solved.
  • Cases considered non-urgent.
  • Discussions and arguments which do not start fights.

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Call fire and rescue: 114

Source: tintucvietnam.vn

You should call 114 when a fire, explosion occurs or someone is stuck in a building, elevator, mine. The call goes to the nearest local fire and rescue team. When the rescue team is on the way, telephone operators instruct you on how to do to minimize casualties, ensure the safety and survival of people.

Call ambulance: 115

You should call 115 when there are injuries and diseases. When the ambulances are on the way, telephone operators instruct you on how to do to minimize casualties, ensure the safety and survival of people.

If the injuries caused by criminals or injuries in traffic accidents, you should call 113 first, then call 115.

Call emergency rescue: 112

You should call the urban search and rescue team by dialing 112 when natural such as storms, flooding, flash floods, landslides, marine disasters such as ships and boats’ sinking, drifting, ship and boat breaking or losing direction and other situations occur.

You should not call 112 if the situations are criminal-related or traffic-related.

Source: http://baochinhphu.vn.

Common Vietnamese terminology, emergency words, phrases for emergency

  • Help: cứu, cuu.
  • Help me: cứu tôi, cuu toi.
  • Emergency: trường hợp khẩn cấp, truong hop khan cap.
  • I have had an accident: tôi bị tai nạn, toi bi tai nan.

Safety and criminal report

  • Someone is in the house: ai đó đang ở trong nhà, ai do dang o trong nha.
  • They are going to fight each other: họ sắp đánh nhau.
  • She would like to kill herself: cô ấy muốn tự tử.
  • They are going to attack me: họ muốn tấn công tôi.
  • They threaten me: họ đe dọa tôi.
  • I am threatened: tôi bị đe dọa.
  • I am in danger of being killed: tôi nguy hiểm tính mạng.


  • Fire: cháy, chay.
  • The room/house/building is on fire: Cháy trong phòng/nhà/tòa nhà.


  • I need an ambulance: tôi cần một xe cứu thương, toi can mot xe cuu thuong.
  • I need to go to emergency room: tôi cần đến phòng cấp cứu, toi can den phong cap cuu.
  • I need to see a doctor: tôi cần gặp bác sĩ, toi can gap bac si.
  • I am not feeling well: tôi thấy không khỏe, toi thay khong khoe.
  • I have a fever/cough/sore throat: tôi bị sốt/ho/đau họng, toi bi sot/ho/dau hong.
  • I am injured at my head/hand/leg/shoulder: tôi bị thương ở đầu/tay/chân/vai, toi bi thuong o dau/tay/chan/vai.
  • She is unconscious: cô ấy bất tỉnh, co ay bat tinh.
  • I am having a heart attack/stroke: tôi bị đau tim/đột quỵ, toi bi dau tim/dot quy.
  • He was drowned at sea/in the river: anh ấy chết đuối dưới biển/sông, anh ay chet duoi duoi bien/song.

It is recommended to have receptionists or hotel workers, Vietnamese people help you to call emergency numbers in Vietnam. We are not sure that emergency response operators and ambulance staff understand English.

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