Guiding to Travel Nam Du Island in Kien Giang, Vietnam

Traveling to Kien Giang, you should not miss the Nam Du Island. Nam Du Island is a beautiful archipelago consisting of 21 large and small islands located in the Gulf of Thailand, of which Cu Tron is the largest island, far from Dau Island, Ong Island, Ngang Island, Mau Island … Nam Du Island famous for its green coast, white sand, tall coconut lines, and rocky beaches. Nam Du’s name means going to the South. Each island here is associated with a rather fascinating thrilling legend, making many curious visitors want to explore.

Guide to Travel Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island.

Time to travel to Nam Du Island

At any time you can travel to Nam Du Island. However, the best time is from December to April, during this time the sea surface is quite calm and calm, so those who are prone to seasickness will also reduce many discomforts when traveling by boat.

From May to November, you can still travel Nam Du. However, this time occurs quite a lot of storms, so you should consult the weather forecast before going.

How to get to Nam Du Island?

Nam Du Island is more than 80km from Rach Gia by sea, belongs to 2 island communes: An Son commune and Nam Du commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province. To go to Nam Du archipelago, you need to move to Rach Gia – Kien Giang. The easiest means of transportation is the bus at the western bus station such as Phuong Trang, Kumho Samco, Tuyet Hon, Dieu Gia … You should take 23h to get to Rach Gia at 6 am the next morning.

Continue your journey to buy high-speed ship tickets or ordinary ship tickets to go to the island. Currently, the high-speed ships travel 4 times every day from Rach Gia City to Cu Tron Island – the largest island in the archipelago; At the end of the week, there are 6 times. High-speed ships travel about 2 hours, common ships take 5 hours.

  • Phu Quoc Express Ship – Departure time: Rach Gia: 06h30 am; Nam Du 01h00 am.
  • Ngọc Thanh Express Ship – Departure time: Rach Gia at 8:15 am; Nam Du at 12:15 am.
  • Superdong Express Ship – Departure time for Rach Gia wharf at 7:20 am; Nam Du at 10:15 am.
  • Song Hong Express Ship – Departure time: Rach Gia at 8:10 am; Nam Du at 12:10 am.
  • Ho Hai (common ship) – Departure time: Rach Gia at 9 am; Nam Du at 10 am.

It is best for you to book in advance to avoid running out of tickets when buying, interrupting the journey.

Vehicles moving on the island


Nam Du Island has a road around the island leading to beautiful beaches. You can rent a motorbike or motorbike taxi at the hotel to visit your favorite spots.


To explore the islands around Hon Lon and visit some beautiful places, you should rent a boat to move. On the island, there are a number of individuals renting boats (if you cannot rent you can go straight to the pier, find any fishing boats of the people, agree on the price and places you want to go).

Attractions on Nam Du Island

Coming to Nam Du, you will enjoy the peaceful space, beautiful beaches and participate in exciting recreational activities such as fishing, diving watching coral. Visitors to the Nam Du archipelago should Visit locations such as Cay Men Beach, Ngu Beach, Chat Beach, Ngang Beach, Lon Island, Mau Island, Hai Island, Nom Island, Nam Du Lighthouse,

Lon Island

Cu Tron Island, also known as Lon Island, is the largest Island and the administrative center of An Son Island commune. Cu Tron Island is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand, considered the most beautiful island in the Nam Du archipelago. With an area of up to 771ha, along with many beautiful beaches such as Chet Beach, Dat Do Beach, Ngu Beach, Cay Men Beach, Gieng Beach, Soi Beach … each beach has beautiful beach corners to enjoy and save back to the photos.

Soi Beach - Guide to Travel Nam Du Islanda

Soi Beach.

Chet Beach

Chet Beach has a pier that welcomes tourists to visit the island. Chet Beach impresses with all kinds of fresh seafood and department stores, cafes, cafes, karaoke, motels … This is also the center of the island, a crowded fishing village and quite bustling at night.

Chet Beach

Busy Chet Beach.

Cay Men Beach

Bai Cay Men is located at the back of the island, about 7 km from the center. This is considered the most beautiful beach on the island, because it still retains the wild beauty, with long smooth white sand, surrounding mountains. Coconut rows have been planted by people for decades, towering in line around the beach, creating a peaceful beauty. Bai Cay Men is a few people, the seawater is clear and cool, so you can freely play and bathe as much as you want. Walking on fine white sand, soaking in clear blue water, all sorrows of life seem to fade away with the waves. Here, you can watch colorful corals or snail on the rocks along the beach.

Cay Men Beach

Cay Men Beach.

Ngu Beach

Ngu Beach is located on the west side of Cu Tron Island, this beach is a beautiful curvature, cut deep into CuTron Island. Legend has it that on the way through Thailand, King Gia Long stopped here, so this area is called Ngu Beach (The beach where the king stay). There is a relic that when referring to Ngu Beach everyone has heard of, that is Vua Well (King Well). This is a special well from a long time ago, in ancient time the king stopped here and dug a well for people to get fresh water for daily life, so the well was called Vua Well. Not only has the poetic and sparkling natural scenery, but the Ngu Beach also gives you a vivid picture of the living and fishing scene of fishermen in the sea. Even the Bai Ngu section, which is the way to the top of the mountain, is also the way to Ngon Hai Dang Lighthouse.

Ngu Beach

Ngu Beach.

Nam Du lighthouse

An attractive place not to be missed is the Nam Du lighthouse, the highest place on the island, considered as the sea eye guarding the southwest sky. The road to the lighthouse has a slope called An Tinh (Love) with two sides of green trees mixed with many yellow leaves covering the road is so romantic. From the height of 309m, you get a panoramic view of the archipelago like a masterpiece of nature, each with different shapes, most beautiful at dawn or dusk.

An island view from Lighthouse

An island view from Lighthouse.

The road around the Island

The road around the island leading to all the sights is a road not to be missed when coming to Nam Du Island. This beautiful road is one side of the mountain, one side of the vast sea, do not forget to check in the famous lonely tree.

Co Don tree (lonely tree) on Nam Du Island - Guide to Travel Nam Du Islanda

The famous Co Don tree (lonely tree) on Nam Du Island.

Ngang Island

If you want to explore the life of the people of the island, you move to Ngang Island. From Hon Lon, visitors take about 30 minutes by boat to cross Ngang Island. Ngang Island is the center of Nam Du Commune, an administrative unit separated from Lon Island. The Commune has 10 large and small islands, of which Ngang Island is the richest and most populous island, most of them living by fishing and raising grouper and mackerel in cages. Hon Ngang has the largest seaport in Nam Du, gathering many fishing boats anchored.

Peace on Ngang Island

Peace on Ngang Island.

Coming here, in addition to bathing in the cool blue sea water, visitors can also see the towering coconut trees and rocky rapids with many strange, unique, colorful rocks.
Visitors also do not miss the opportunity to hire boats to go to the sea to visit fish cages, walk around the coastal fishing village to learn about the life of fishermen … The presence of tourists on the island does not disturb the lives of the people on the island. Therefore, if you visit any family on the island, you will be welcomed with a warm, familiar attitude like welcoming relatives back from far.
Any questions you have about island life will be answered by the people. In addition, on Hon Ngang there is a sacred Ba Chua Xu Temple (the temple worshipping a goddess) – the spiritual destination of the inhabitants of the island.

Mau Island

Located more than 2km southeast of Ngang is Hon Mau with an area of 200ha with more than 120 households. Most of the people on this island are engaged in marine professions. The island is small, so just arriving here, the people on the island from the elderly to children all know you are someone else coming to this island.

Mau Island Nam Du Island - Guide to Travel Nam Du Islanda

Mau Island.

Of the 21 islands of this archipelago, nature seems biased to give this small island beautiful beaches. There are five beaches on the island. In which, there are two rare and white sand beaches: Chuong Beach and Nam Beach; The rest are three rocky beaches: Bac Beach, Da Den Beach and Da Trang Beach.

Chuong Beach

Chuong Beach, though not long, but if you ever come here, you must definitely say, why is there a beautiful beach, comparable to the sea paradises in the world such as Maldives, Boracay … we can clearly see smooth sand Underfoot and each flock of small fish swimming around. Perhaps paradise is just as beautiful like that. Bac Beach (also known as Da Den Beach) is attractive with many beautiful rocks with many colors and diverse patterns. The Nam Beach is quiet, the wind is quiet all year round, the place for commercial exchanges, anchoring of ships and boats. Nom Beach is charming with shady green coconut trees … However, what makes a strong impression on visitors is the gentleness and friendliness of the people on the island.

Coming to Hon Mau, visitors can pick coconuts by themselves to enjoy cool sips of water, manually remove fish caught in the net after the trip to the sea, Cook lunch together or roam around the fishing village to learn about the life and culture of the people here. Visitors will also be guided by the people of the fishing village to visit the place where the whale is worshiped weighing hundreds of tons with sacred and mysterious stories. At night, you can join the people to cook seafood on the rocky cliffs along the beach with the people.

Chuong Beach on Nam Du Island

Chuong Beach on Nam Du Island.

Dau Island

Dau Island is a small island, only a few households live, but it has unspoiled beauty, the beach with golden sand, soaring green coconut trees and fresh air. Not only having the opportunity to swim, coming to Dau Island, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the world of colorful coral and countless fish species hiding under the clear blue sea. There is also primeval forest, accounting for about 90% of the island area. Dau Island is the ideal place to organize overnight camping and enjoy grilled seafood.

Dau Island on Nam Du Island

Coconut tree leaning beside the clear blue water on Dau Island.

Hai Bo Dap Island

Hai Bo Dap Island also has beautiful features that are hard to ignore. The nature endows with coral reefs with all colors and a very poetic scene. Visitors can watch the coral and discover interesting things under the sea. In addition, you can also have fun and organize camping with your friends here.

Coral on Hai Bo Dap Island Nam Du Island

Hon Hai Bo Dam is the perfect place to snorkel and watch the coral reefs.

Nam Du Island hotels and guest houses

Currently, on the island, there are also rather many hostels, guest houses and homestays. Accommodation in Nam Du Island is mainly concentrated on Cu Tron Island. You can also set up a camping tent right at the beach on the island, some beaches charge a fee because there are people there to clean up waste.

Camping at beaches on Nam Du island

Camping at beaches on Nam Du island.

Eating and drinking on Nam Du Island

Traveling to Nam Du Island, of course, it is necessary to enjoy seafood, shrimp, fish, squid, and crabs … newly caught and processed according to the traditions of the fishermen. In which the most famous specialty of Nam Du Island is Xuong Xanh Fish (green bone fish). Xuong Xanh Fish has little bones, white meat and sweet taste, suitable for processing many fried and grilled dishes … the most delicious dish is Xuong Xanh grilled with banana leaf.

Fresh seafood on Nam Du island

Fresh seafood on Nam Du island.

Chet Beach is the place where, in the morning, there is a busy seafood shopping scene. Many visitors come in the early morning to visit this market and choose to buy fresh, cheap seafood then order a restaurant or the owner cook with prices depending on requirements to enjoy.

The most prominent drink on the island is the tamarind ice dish. Wherever you go, you will see the scent of tamarind cooked in the shops. You can also buy 1 bottle of tamarind juice to go back to the mainland to make cool tamarind ice yourself. In Nam Du, people also sell coconuts at the beaches, remember to enjoy a glass of sweet coconut water. You can choose to buy dried seafood to enjoy and as gifts for your relatives and friends.

Nam Du Island tour

To save money and avoid worrying about traveling, eating and resting on the island, you should book the fascinating Nam Du Kien Giang Island Tour of MeKong Adventure. Travel company specializing in organizing top prestigious Western island tours. Contact for advice and support on Nam Du Tours: 0292.3819.219.

Coming to Nam Du to explore each island with its own characteristics, you will surely have an unforgettable experience of a marine and island area of Vietnam. Hopefully, with the above tourist information has brought you useful information and made your trip more complete.

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