Ha Tien steamed glutinous rice

Ha Tien town in Kien Giang is famous for various delicious recipes including impressive steamed glutinous rice recipes (Xoi). Vietnamese cuisine has tens of kinds of steamed glutinous rice which reflect the characteristics of the regions. The dedicated Xoi xeo is a specialty of the elegant Hanoi. Five-colored steamed glutinous rice is as colorful as the culture of Northwest Vietnam. Ha Tien steamed glutinous rice is as simple as indigenous people in this province. The typical fragrance, shining white steamed glutinous rice seeds make Ha Tien steamed glutinous rice is different from the others.

In Ha Tien,  they steam high-quality glutinous rice until pleasant and sticky. There are three kinds of Xoi in Ha Tien which have different toppings. There is one kind of savory steamed glutinous rice (Xoi man) which is simply topped with ground dried shrimp. There are two kinds of sweet Steamed glutinous rice: steamed glutinous rice with mango (Xoi xoai) and Steamed glutinous rice with egg (Xoi hot ga).

To make Ha Tien steamed glutinous rice with mango, choose high-quality peeled mung beans, grind and toast them until well-done and yellow. Choose tender ripe mangoes, peel and slice them into medium-thin slices. To serve Xoi xoai, top the steamed glutinous rice with mung bean and mango. Most of Xoi in Vietnam does not include fruits, Xoi xoai is a strange and impressive recipe amongst the others.

Ha Tien steamed glutinous rice with egg is more complex in comparison to Xoi xoai. They cook a delicious sauce form egg white, durian flesh, rice flour and sugar. This sauce is yellow, viscous, sweet, and fragrant. Stir-fry shredded coconut meat with palm sugar. To serve Steamed glutinous rice with egg, top the steamed glutinous rice with the sauce and the stir-fried shredded coconut meat. The dish is very typical and exclusive.

Ha Tien steamed glutinous rice

Ha Tien women are famous for cooking tasty, smelling and nice-looking steamed glutinous rice. This kind of food is cheap, healthy, portable so that it is very popular in the province. Standing or sitting near a stall or shoulder pole which serve steamed glutinous rice, you can smell the sweet fragrance of the food spreading in the air. You can easily buy a portion of Xoi and enjoy its great taste.

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