Khot Cake in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is one of the most famous coastal cities with beautiful beaches in South Vietnam. Coming to Vung Tau, tourists should not miss Khot cake (or Mini pancake, Bánh khọt).  A Khot cake has a diameter of 5 – 7 cm, a round shape. It is crispy outside and tender inside, topped with shrimps, squids, mung beans, ground pork, fish cakes, chopped green onions, ground dried shrimps, etc. A Banh khot should not be too thick or too thin. It should be crispy and brown-yellow outside, tender, a little chewy and white inside. Do not miss Khot Cake in Vung Tau when you are in this beautiful city.

Ingredients for Khot Cake in Vung Tau

The main ingredient for Khot cake in Vung Tau style is rice flour, coconut milk, salt, and sugar. All of them are mixed with water In other regions, they add turmeric powder to the batter to make the cake yellow and have a special taste as well as a unique smell. Vung Tau Khot cake does not contain turmeric powder, it has a white color.

The toppings can be peeled shrimps, squids, mung beans, ground pork, fish cakes, or combinations. The cake must be topped with chopped green onions and ground dried shrimp.

Khot Cake in Vung Tau style

Khot Cakes in Vung Tau style are white inside and light yellow outside.

Khot Cake in other regions in Vietnam has yellow color.

Khot Cakes in other regions in Vietnam have yellow color.

How to cook Vung Tau Khot cake?

Mix rice flour, coconut milk, salt, sugar and water to make the batter. Use a special pan called “chảo bánh khọt” (Khot cake pan) which has from five Khot cake holes. Khot cake pans at some restaurants have up to 30 holes. Cover each mold with oil, then pour the batter into the molds. After a while, put the toppings onto the cake and continue frying until the cakes are well-done, crispy outside and can be removed from the holes easily.

How to serve the Khot cake?

Khot cake should be served right after cooking to make sure it is delicious at its best. It is served with assorted vegetables and herbs including lettuce, mustard greens, heart leaves, shiso, sweet-sour fish sauce with shredded papaya pickles.

How to eat this amazing cake?

To eat the cake, use one or a few bigger leaves to wrap the cake, toppings and smaller leaves of vegetables and herbs. Then dip the wrap in the fish sauce dip. Diners should get some shredded papayas while eating the wraps.

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