Porridge with mudskipper

In Mekong Delta, mudskipper lives in brackish water or salt water or in shrimp ponds. They can catch mudskipper when harvesting farming shrimps in the ponds. This fish has been a traditional food of Vietnamese people in Mekong Delta for many years. Besides wild mudskipper, people in Mekong Delta also farm this kind of fish in the coastal area. It has become a new cultured and high economic value species in markets. Although there are some delicious dishes from this kind of fish such as Braised mudskipper with black pepper, Hot pot with mudskipper, local people usually cook Porridge with mudskipper thanks to its comfort, easy and quick recipe.

Porridge with mudskipper (Chao ca keo) is a specialty foods of Ca Mau province in Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. It has become more and more popular around Vietnam for its great taste and rich nutrition. From a dish usually cooked for the family in the countryside of Ca Mau, this dish could be found at many Vietnamese restaurants in the country.

It is totally simple to cook Chao ca keo. Just cook rice in water until the rice tender and broken, season with salt, fish sauce. Wash mudskipper carefully, no need to remove the organs of this fish. The greasy and buttery organs of mudskipper are favorite of many people. Some prefer to eat the organs than the fish meat. Then put prepared mudskipper into the pot of porridge on the oven, cook until well-done but not too tender. Add some green onion stalk to the porridge.

Serve the dish in a soup bowl right after cooking is better. Top it with some chopped green onions, coriander, ground black pepper. Fish sauce for dipping, sliced/minced ginger, lime wedges and sliced chili pepper are could not missed. A bowl of Porridge with mudskipper beats the hot or warms your stomach on cold days. It provides energy, vitamins, and minerals to dinners. A trip to Mekong Delta could not be complete if you don’t try Porridge with mudskipper.

Porridge with mudskipper

Porridge with mudskipper

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