Vietnamese Pork Organs Rice Congee (Chao Long)

Vietnamese Pork Organs Rice Congee (Chao Long) In some countries, they throw away pork organs and only use the pork meat and bone. It’s a big chance for any foreigner living or coming to Vietnam to enjoy amazing food which cooked from pork organs. Don’t be scared because it’s totally delicious and comfort dish of Vietnamese people. I would like to introduce Vietnamese pork organ rice congee which turns pork innards and blood into hearty and healthy rice congee. One of the highlights of Vietnamese pork organ rice congee is the flavorful broth cooked from pork bone, meat and organs for a few hours. The rice is pan-toasted before being cooked in broth until the rice grain breaks down. The pork organs and meat must be tender and there will be an attractive smell. The organs and meat are removed from the pot and sliced. To serve, the congee is ladled into a bowl. Then congealed blood, slices of pork meat, liver, chunks of tubular innards, fried scallions, fried dough, chopped green onion are added. Chao long couldn’t be a lack of fried dough which will be softened and engorges as it soaks up the rice congee like a sponge. Bean sprouts, lime wedges and fish sauce are available tableside for you to season the congee. Some prefer bean sprouts being put into the bowl before the congee is ladled. It’s easy to find a stall serving Chao long in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour - Saigon Food Tour by motorbike

Vietnamese people eat Vietnamese pork organ rice congee at any time of the day: in the early morning, afternoon and evening. It’s a good dish to start a brand new day with a lot of works ahead and to refresh after a hard-working day. It’s also a perfect choice on a rainy day to warm you up.

Co Giang street food area

I would like to recommend the best places to eat Chao long in Ho Chi Minh City as follows:

  • Chao Long Co Ut at 193 Co Giang Street, District 1 – over 80-year-old street food stall which serves Chao long.
  • Chao Long at 107B Vo Thi Sau Street, District 1
  • Chao Long Co Ba at 12 Nguyen Huy Tu Street, District 1
  • Chao Long at 153 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1

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