Tri Ton beef porridge

Tri Ton is a district on mountains in An Giang province where they raise a large number of cows. In this district, there is a famous cow racing festival. Coming to Tri Ton, travelers will have a chance to enjoy a wide range of beef dishes including Dried beef, Fried beef, Beef sausage. Beef raised in Tri Ton is said to be tender and sweet-tasty and Tri Ton beef porridge is one of the must food in An Giang.

The unique beef porridge which is a specialty food of the district as well as the entire province. Beef porridge is a comfort, healthy and flavorful dish. It is a good choice to start a new day with energy in the morning. The porridge can fill and warm your empty stomach in the evening after a long day traveling or hard working. Local people usually eat the porridge while sipping some wine with their friends on cold days.

The porridge is cooked from rice beef, beef blood, beef organs (beef liver, beef lung, beef small intestine, beef bone marrow, beef tripe), palmyra fruit, kaffir lime. The rice should be “soc Khmer” which is smelling, sweet-tasty and sticky. The perfect mix of the salty, a little sour broth, tender thin lean beef slices, melting-in-the-mouth blood pudding and crunchy beef organs makes the dish very special. Hot dipping ginger fish sauce, juicy bean sprouts, aromatic herbs (culantra, heart leaf, basil), hot chili pepper, rice noodles (optional) could not be missed when eating this dish.

Coming to Tri Ton, do not miss tasting a portion of beef porridge and immerse yourself in local life. Some of the famous places to eat beef porridge in Tri Ton are Thuy Den stall, porridge stall near Tri Ton market.

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Tri Ton beef porridge

Tri Ton beef porridge

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