Sa Sung In Vietnam

Sa Sung in Vietnam, is a kind of earthworm which is considered as “earth ginseng”. Sa Sung in Vietnam, is about 5-10 cm long, some could be 15-40 cm long and 20 cm in diameter and 1-3 kg. When being caught, it turns itself into a ball. Its skin is tender and cool, it changes its color in different environments. This kind of worm is a specialty food which is very healthy for human. Dishes cooked from Sa Sung are literally as expensive as gold. The price of 1 kg of dry Sa Sung is equal to a tael of gold.

Fresh Sa Sung can be used to cook porridge, soups, stir-fried, deep-fried, baked dishes. To process fresh Sa Sung, after washing throughly one adds ingredients to the dry roasting pan on the stove and pour to the basket, remove all those grains of sand clinging to it, Sa Sung is then ready to make delicious dishes. Sa Sung in Vietnam, themselves have a natural sweetness the longer diners chew the sweeter it becomes.

Dried it which is crunchy and tasty can be grilled, toasted to eat with chili paste or mix of salt, chili, lemon juice as snack while drinking beer. Adding dried Sa Sung into Pho beef noodle soup’s broth makes the noodle soup special and more flavorful. Many people soak dried Sa Sung in liquor to make Sa Sung wine which is very good for human health.

Sa Sung in Vietnam, lives in waters of Can Gio (Ho Chi Minh city), Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa province), Hai Phong province and coastal areas of Van Don, Mong Cai (Quang Ninh province). The best and most expensive it is found in Quan Lan island in Bai Tu Long Bay which is a few hour from Ha Long Bay – the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Local people usually catch Sa Sung from March to July, most of them are women. Because it lives in hidden hole deep in the sand, it’s difficult to catch it without killing. Unexperienced could cut off Sa Sung’s body which is hard to sell because cutting it loose original sweetness and freshness.

Sa Sung In Vietnam

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