Duck Blood Pudding (Tiet Canh Vit) in Vietnam

What is Duck blood pudding?

Duck blood (Tiet canh vit) is one of Vietnamese traditional food which has won the hearts of many dinners in the country. Vietnamese people don’t throw away blood of animals and poultry but use blood as an ingredient for delicious dishes. They can boil or steam the blood to make Blood pudding used to top Hue noodle soup, Blood pudding with glutinous rice eaten with Soup cake or cook with rice to have Blood congee. Tiet canh vit is made from raw duck blood, minced boiled duck neck, boiled duck organ meats, herbs and spices. It’s listed as one of Top 13 foods fear factor by Business Insider. However, its taste isn’t like its look and name. The flavorful Duck blood is a perfect mix of tender duck blood, duck neck, crunchy gizzard, tough guts, buttery liver, crispy peanuts and sour lemon juice. According to Vietnamese people, the food has attractive smell from raw duck blood and herbs.

How to make and serve Duck blood pudding?

It needs an experienced and skillful cook to make a delicious Tiet canh vit. Followings are steps to cook Duck blood:
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1/ Get blood from duck as much as possible and prevented from premature coagulation.

The cook usually uses a sharp knife to cut duck neck to collect as much as blood from a living duck into bowls or plates. It needs time to cook the fillings so that the cook must stir well the blood with fish sauce/lemon juice/juice of banana leaf sheath/Sodium Hydrocarbonate to prevent the blood from premature coagulation while cooking the fillings.

2/ Cooking the fillings and put them into the blood

The cook boils duck neck and duck organ meats until well-done. Boiled duck necked should be beaten so that the neck bone turns tender, then minced. Duck organ meats are also minced. The mix of minced organs, neck, herbs, grilled onion, saw-leaf herb, basil, lemon leaves, chili (optional) are added into the bowl of blood. Just wait until the blood gets thick and jelly. Good Tiet canh vit mus has bright red color, not brown-red color.

3/ Serving Duck blood

Duck blood is topped with boiled liver and crushed peanuts, lemon juice could be added to make the food tastier. The food is usually served with herbs. Dinner just uses a spoon to tuck in a spoonful of blood. Vietnamese people like to drink rice/glutinous rice wine while eating Tiet canh vit. Although it has been said to be bad for health, this food fear factor still is a favorite of many people in Vietnam.

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