Son Qui sweet soup

If you are on the way from Ho Chi Minh city to Go Cong district, Tien Giang province along Highway 50, you can see many sweet soup restaurants when you arrive Tan Trung commune. Most of the restaurants serve Son Quy sweet soup – a specialty of the region. Son Quy was named by Tu Duc King, it is located about 4 km far from Go Cong town. Son Quy was the land of Tu Du Queen – mother of Tu Du King. Son Quy is famous for Lang Hoang Gia, Cha fermented shrimp paste, Fermented shedder fiddler crab, and Son Quy sweet soup. The sweet soup is one of must-eat dishes on your trip to Go Cong, Tien Giang.

Son Qui sweet soup is a difficult recipe which needs patience, skillfulness, and experience. The owner must wake up at 3 am to cook and prepare for the business in the morning. Each restaurant has its own secret recipe to make its typically, uniquely tasty sweet soup. There are 7 ingredients which are used to make this sweet dish are sugar, mung bean, “thach” bean, peanut, tapioca starch, coconut cream, pandan leaf. Each kind of bean/peanut is cooked in a different way and put separately. Mung beans are cooked, well-kneaded, mixed with pandan juice and sugar water to receive the buttery, tender, smooth mung bean paste. “Thach” beans which are grown in the sand in Tan Trung commune are cooked with sugar in a special way to make very strangely buttery beans. Peanuts are roasted, then coated with tapioca starch. To serve, the seller put well-kneaded, sticky mung bean paste; tender, sweet cooked “thach” beans; roasted crunchy peanuts in sticky, a little chewy tapioca starch into a glass. Then top with greasy coconut sauce, crushed peanuts. The sweet soup could be served hot or cold.

Son Qui sweet soup is healthy and delicious so that it is usually eaten for breakfast or supper. According to a Son Qui sweet soup seller, a family has bought about 300 glasses of sweet soups during Tet festival months (from December to January in the lunar calendar). The most famous Son Qui sweet soup restaurant is owned by Mr. Tu Linh who is 92 years old. The restaurant was established in 1947.Chinese Desserts - Sweet soup in Saigon

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