Squid beak – an amazing Saigon street food

Vietnam is famous for many strange dishes which are made from unusual parts of chicken, duck, seafood, fishes, pork, beef, etc. For example, Phá lấu a famous Vietnamese street food is made from pork and/or beef organs, Pịa is made from cow shit in the intestine, and squid beak (Răng mực) – a chewy small round organ found in the squid’s head is used to make delicious foods. Squid beak is usually removed when preparing squid. However, Vietnamese people have found out that this part of squid could be eaten and created exotic recipes from it. Followings are some squid beak recipes:

1. Fried squid beak with fish sauce.

Marinate squid beak with salt, vinegar, sugar. After 30 minutes, deep-fry the squid beak until yellow and crispy. Get the squid beak out and mix with fish sauce, then fry the squid beak quickly.

2. Stir-fried squid beak with butter and onion

Marinate squid beak with chili pepper, salt. Put butter into a hot pan, then the squid beak, stir-fry the squid beak with onion until well-done and pleasant.

3. Grilled squid beak

Marinate squid beak with spices (sautee, salt, fish sauce, chili pepper, chili powder, etc). Each cook has his own way to marinate and grill the squid beak. They usually cover the beak with honey while grilling. It is grilled until crispy and smelling.

4. Stir-fried squid beak with butter and garlic

Marinate squid beak with chili pepper, salt. Put butter into a hot pan, then minced garlic and the squid beak, stir-fry the squid beak with onion until well-done and pleasant. Top the dish with toasted sesame. The dish is served with rice paper, chili paste, pickles.

5. Fried squid beak with butter

After seasoning squid beak with salt, ground black pepper, chili pepper, fish sauce, fry it until crispy, yellow and smelling. Eat this dish with chili paste, pickles, Vietnamese mint.

Grilled and Stir-fried dishes from squid beak are usually served with herbs, chili paste or tomato paste, hoisin sauce, Muối tiêu chanh – a mixture of salt, ground black pepper, lime juice.

5. Stir-fried squid beak with salted duck egg yolk

Steam salted duck egg yolk and mash it. Shred onion and chili pepper. Deep-fry squid beak for 5 minutes. Stir-fry the squid beak, salted duck egg yolk, onion and chili pepper until well-done. The dish is served with plain bread. The buttery salted duck egg yolk goes well with the chewy and crunchy squid beak.

The coastal Phan Thiet city is famous for dishes with squid beak. Do not miss a chance to enjoy these dishes on your trip to the city. Squid beak is very popular in Saigon which is considered as the paradise of Vietnamese street foods. You can easily order amazingly tasty squid beak dishes at seafood and snail street food stalls or restaurants in Saigon. The dishes pair well with beer. Although squid beak recipes have just appeared, they have won the hearts of all ages.

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