Phan Thiet squid egg dishes

In the coastal Phan Thiet city, the breeding season of squid is from January to May in the Lunar calendar. During this time, squids are plumpy, big and full of eggs. After harvesting, fishermen usually cut the squid and carefully get the white eggs from its belly. 10 kg of squids provides 1 kg of eggs. Squid egg which tastes buttery, greasy and tender is an example of using parts of seafood, pork, beef, chicken to cook delicious dishes in Vietnam. They have created various excellent squid egg recipes such as Fried squid egg with fish sauce, Grilled squid egg, Squid egg cake, etc.

Steamed squid egg (Trứng mực hấp, Trung muc hap) is a specialty of Phan Thiet which attracts people of all ages. Just steam squid egg with ginger which enhances the egg flavor. The egg should be steamed for about 5 minutes so that it does not turn too tender and wet. Although the dish is simple and easy to cook, it can satisfy most of the diner, even strict ones. The dish should be eaten hot right after cooking. Dip the Steamed squid egg in a dipping sauce made from ground black pepper, lime juice, salt and eat with Vietnamese mint, chili pepper, carrot and daikon pickles. The greasy and tender squid egg, the crunchy pickles, the salty, sour, hot dip and the aromatic Vietnamese mint blend well together.

Besides the Steamed squid egg, Squid egg cake (Chả trứng mực, Cha trung muc) should not be missed in Phan Thiet. Mix squid egg pieces, ground pork, egg, and pork liver. Form the mixture into flat round pieces, fry the pieces until crispy, yellow and pleasant. The pieces are cut into smaller pieces to serve. They can wrap Squid egg cake, vegetables and herbs in rice paper, then dip in fish sauce dip. What a delicious and healthy dish!

Coming to Phan Thiet, travelers should not miss on their trip to the city. You can buy the squid egg at local markets and cook yourself. Or you can enjoy these great dishes at street food stalls and restaurants in the city at a reasonable price. At some street food stall in Phan Thiet, they serve Steamed squid egg and Squid egg cake together. What is better than sitting near the beach, enjoying some Steamed squid egg and Squid egg cake, sipping some beer, looking over the immense sea and activities of local people and listen to the sounds of waves.

Steamed squid egg is served with a dipping sauce made from ground black pepper, lime juice, salt, chili pepper, Vietnamese mint, carrot and daikon pickles. Some people prefer to dip the squid egg in chili sauce and hoisin sauce

White Steamed squid eggs looks mouth-watering

They use small forks to eat Trung muc nuong

 Two kinds of sauces to eat with Trung muc nuong

   Squid egg cake is crispy outside and tender, chewy inside

A a street food stall, they serve a portion of mixed Steamed squid egg and Squid egg cake

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