Stir-fried baby clams in girdle cake

Originated in Central Vietnam, stir-fried baby clams in girdle cake is an authentic dish of the country. Highlights of this amazing dish are tender baby clams and crispy Vietnamese girdle cake in Central style. Onion, sautee, chili pepper and other spices add tastes to the dish.

Processing baby clams is very important. Baby clams are soaked in water to remove dirt from them. Then the clams are boiled to separate their shells and meat. Throwing out the shells, the cook keeps the baby clam meat, wash it for many times until clean, then drain it off.

It is time to cook. Firstly, the cook stir-fry chopped onion until yellow and crispy. Then he adds baby clam meat, salt, sautee, chili pepper and stir well until the clam meat is well-done and the smell is pleasant.

Stir-fried baby clams are usually served on a plate, decorated with Vietnamese mint and topped with crushed peanuts. Crispy grilled girdle cake could not be missed to eat this stir-frying dish. Break the round girdle cake into medium pieces, put some Stir-fried baby clams onto one piece of cake, then tuck in. Dinner can feel the richness of baby clams and the girdle cake melting in his mouth.

A beautiful Vietnamese folk song about hometown says: “Hến xào bánh tráng trứ danh – Ai ngang quê nhỏ mời vào cùng xơi” (“Famous stir-fried baby clams in girdle cake – Welcome anyone to small hometown and enjoy the dish”). The dish can found at many restaurants in Vietnam. The best baby clams are caught along La River in Ha Tinh, Hen Islet in Hue, Cho Lach in Ben Tre. At Ben Hen village on La River in Ha Tinh, most of the families earn their livings on catching baby clams for hundreds of years. Baby clams are in season during summer months.

Stir-fried baby clams in girdle cake

Stir Fried Baby Clams In Girdle Cake

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