Grilled snail patty in banana leaves

Smelling and delicious Grilled snail patty in banana leaves (Cha oc nuong la chuoi) originated in Hanoi – the birth place of many famous Vietnamese foods. Cha oc nuong la chuoi is a perfect blend of all ingredients: smooth ground pork, tough snail meat, greasy pork fat, crunchy wood ears, fragrant lemongrass, lemon leave and hot ginger. One of highlight of this food is that it’s wrapped in some layers of green banana leaves before grilling. Banana leaves add special taste and smell to Cha oc nuong la chuoi like other Vietnamese foods such as Grilled banana wrapped in sticky rice and Grilled snakehead fish in banana leaves.

Living snails should be cleaned outside and soaked in rice water for some hours to remove the tissue inside the shell. Snails are boiled in a big pot until being well-done. Then the cook use a toothpick or sharp thin knife to get the snail meat out, only keep the snail head to make Grilled snail patty in banana leaves. Lean pork is ground until well-blended and smooth, pork fat is cut into cubes, wood ears are cut into strips or minced, ginger is slices or minced, green onions are chopped. All of them then are mix well with boiled snail head and wrapped with lemongrass and lemon leaves in banana leaves into square-shaped piece. Grilling snail patties for about 10-15 minutes on charcoal, the foods become pleasant and ready to eat. Grilled snail patty in banana leaves is usually served hot with steamed rice or rice noodles, fish sauce dip, herbs and vegetables.

Grilled Snail Patty In Banana Leaves 2
Grilled Snail Patty In Banana Leaves

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