Finger Snail Dishes – Saigon Street Food

Solenidae is a kind of snail living in sand and mud on beaches. It’s 6-8 cm long, its shell is brown and its meat is white. It looks like a human finger so that we call it finger snail in Vietnam. Finger snail is delicious, rich in vitamins and minerals so that it’s used to cook many great tasting dishes.

The snails must be soaked in water with lemon juice to remove sand and mud. Then cook can remove both halves of shell or keep a half of shell before cooking. There is a wide range of methods to cook this snail which has tender meat: boiling, steaming, grilling and stir-frying. The cook should not cook the snail too long so that it doesn’t turn crunchy, but still tender and the taste still remains. Vietnamese mint is the best herb to eat with this kind of snail, its smell and freshness can help to enhance the flavors of this food. Finger snail dishes are usually eaten with mix of salt, lemon/kumquat juice and black pepper or sweat and sour fish sauce dip.

Oc Mong Tay Xao Sa Te Or Stir Fried Nail Snail With Saute

Stir-fried Finger Snail With Saute is extremely hot and spicy. Saute is cooked from oil, ground lemon grass and chili. While eating, dinners can feel this sauce play off the finger snail’s meat. 

Oc Mong Tay Xao Sa Ot Or Grilled Nail Snail With Lemon Grass And Chili

Stir-fried Finger Snail With Lemongrass and Chili is a favorite choice of people who love eating hot, especially on raining and cold days. Dinners can remove the shell of finger snail themselves while eating.

Snail And Seafood Dishes In Saigon 1

Smelling Stir-fried Finger Snail With Garlic is a favorite of many customers.

Finger snail dishes are served popularly at snail stalls and many restaurants in Vietnam. There’s no better than sipping some local beer while tasting hot snail dishes under the stars at night with friends and families. Do not forget tasting a finger snail dish on your trip to Vietnam, you will never regret.

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