Phu Quoc barracuda

Phu Quoc Barracuda is a specialty food of the beautiful island Phu Quoc as well as the entire province Kien Giang. This kind of fish is long, thin, round, firm, grey and golden. Young Barracuda weighs 700 – 800 grams, old Barracuda weighs 8 – 9 kilograms. Barracuda flesh is outstandingly tasty, especially flesh of fresh Barracuda caught in Phu Quoc. The fish flesh is rich in nutrition and very healthy. From this fish, local people make a lot of delicious dishes such as Grilled Barracuda on charcoal, Grilled Barracuda with green chili pepper, Sweet and sour soup with Barracuda, Braised Barracuda with fermented greens, Barracuda cake, Barracuda salad, Braised Barracuda with turmeric, Dried Barracuda, etc. Followings are the most popular dishes from Phu Quoc Barracuda.

Phu Quoc barracuda

1. Barracuda cake (Cha ca nhong)

Barracuda cake is a savory dish although it is called cake. To make this dish, choose young Barracuda, grind, mix with black pepper, minced onion, form the mixture into flat pieces, then steam or fry the pieces until well-done.  Cha ca nhong is very chewy, buttery, greasy and a little hot. To eat, wrap the cake in rice paper sheet, dip in sweet sour fish sauce dip made from Phu Quoc fish sauce, garlic, chili pepper, crushed toasted peanuts, lime juice, sugar. What a yummy dish!

2. Barracuda salad (Goi ca nhong)

Barracuda salad is a creative and unique recipe which attracts the most difficult dinners. Cut the fish flesh into thin pieces, put these pieces onto a plate. Sprinkle the peanuts onto the flesh, top the dish with some onion strings and chopped herbs. The soul of this dish is the dipping sauce which is made from Phu Quoc fish sauce, garlic, chili pepper, crushed toasted peanuts, lime juice, sugar. The fish sauce dip should be amber and smelling.

Before eating, pour squeezed lime juice onto the flesh to make it rare. Wrap the flesh, onion, peanuts, herbs, vegetables in rice paper and dip in the sauce. The perfect mix of the chewy and sweet-tasty flesh, fresh vegetables, herbs, buttery peanuts and sweet sour hot dip will win your heart at first bite.

3. Braised Barracuda with turmeric (Ca nhong kho nghe)

Small fishes are chosen, prepared, cut into chunks which is as long as a human finger, drained off. Marinate the fish with salt, sugar, black pepper, pounded shallots, fish sauce, pounded turmeric. Heat a pot, add some oil to the pot, then put the marinated Barracuda into the pot when the oil is hot. Add some chili pepper, cook over low heat until the broth dries up, fish chunks turns dark yellow. According to local people, there is no better than eating steamed rice with Ca nhong kho nghe after a hard-working day.

4. Dried Barracuda

Dried Barracuda can be stored long-term. Local people store this food at home and simply grill or fry the Dried Barracuda, then dip in chili paste or sweet-sour tamarind fish sauce eat with steamed rice on busy days. This dried food pairs well with beer or wine.

Coming to Phu Quoc island as well as Kien Giang province, do not miss trying great dishes from Barracuda or buy some  Dried Barracuda as a favorite gift for your family and friends. Phu Quoc barracuda is worth your try.

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