Vietnamese Roasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce

Mother Nature gives Vietnam different kinds of crabs (which are ingredients of many authentic dishes from crab. Healthy and delicious Vietnamese Roasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce (Cua Rang Me) is a favorite dish in Vietnam. It is a perfect blend of salty, sweet, sour and hot tastes. Tamarind sauce – the key ingredient adds flavor to this food.

Choosing crabs are important, they must be fresh. The cook will kill and clean these crabs carefully and remove crab roe to cook it separately. Clean crabs are cut into half or quarters. Some cook prefer frying the crabs for about 5 minutes. Next step is making tamarind sauce from oil, ripe tamarind flesh, minced garlic, minced onion, sugar, salt, chili and black pepper. Tapioca starch is added to the sauce to make it gelatinous. Crabs are put into the pan and toasted with tamarind sauce for about 5-10 minutes until the dish smells wonderful, the crabs are well-done, the sauce becomes thick and plays off the crabs.

Vietnamese Roasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce should be served hot with vegetables and herbs such as cucumber, salad, Vietnamese mint, coriander… At home, Vietnamese people eat Cua Rang Me with steamed rice. In Vietnam, at restaurants or street food stalls, Cua Rang Me only is cooked after it’s ordered by customers to make sure the dish tastes at its best. There’s no better than eat this exotic foods while sipping some local beers with friends in cool air at night.

Toasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce In Danang

Flavorful Vietnamese Roasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce

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Mr. Ba Chi was cooking Vietnamese Roasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce at Ba Chi restaurant which serves one of the best Vietnamese Roasted Crab With Tamarind Sauce in Saigon. His restaurant is located at 13 Pho Co Dieu Street, Ward 12, District 5. Open time: 6 PM – 12 PM

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