Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf – a Saigon street food

Saigon street food has tens of Steamed glutinous rice recipes including the dedicated Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf (Xôi lá sen, Xoi la sen) which attracts people of all ages thanks to its great taste, low price, rich nutrition. Lotus leaf not only is used to wrap the food but also enhance the food flavor. A portion of Xoi la sen looks nice and attractive with green lotus leaf wrap. After unwrapping the portion, the shining white steamed glutinous rice is revealed. When eating, you will find out there is a delicious filling inside the steamed glutinous rice.

There are many combinations of ingredients for the filling. Some popular ingredients for the filling of Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf are chicken, shiitake, lotus seed, pork floss, dried shrimp, shrimp, salted duck egg yolk, pork. The filling of Xoi la sen of Chinese people at Phung Hung market in District 5, HCMC is made from chicken, dried shrimp, salted duck egg yolk, pork. Xoi la sen on Co Giang Street, District 1, HCMC has the filling made from chicken, shiitake, lotus seed, pork floss, shrimp.

All of the ingredients for the filling should be stir-fried until well-done. Wrap glutinous rice which has been soaked in water for a few hours (or overnight) and the filling in lotus leaf into a square, tie it and steam it until well-done. Sellers usually keep Xoi la sen warm in a simmering pot or a basket. When a seller opens the lid of the pot or the cover of the basket, the sweet smell of Xoi la sen spreads in the air and make you would like to eat this food right away. The steamed glutinous rice is kept warm so that it is still sticky when it is served to customers. The perfect mix of sticky steamed glutinous rice, chewy shiitake, sweet-tasty chicken, salty buttery salted duck egg yolk. Lotus leaf makes the food have a typical taste and smell.

Do not miss Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf – a Saigon street food on your trip to this amazing city which has a wide range of exotic foods. Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf will win your heart for the first time.

Steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf

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