Sugar steamed glutinous rice – an authentic dish in Central Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine has tens of steamed glutinous rice recipes. People in each region have created recipes which meet local taste and local products. In Central, they make Xôi đường, Xoi duong, Sugar steamed glutinous rice in English. Sticky, smelling, buttery black Sugar steamed glutinous rice is a popular food which is served on important occasions in Central Vietnam (wedding, death anniversary, Tet festival, etc.). It is a simple but great gift to children in the rural area in Central Vietnam. Sugar steamed glutinous rice is unique and has become a part of the life in Central Vietnam.

Ingredients for Xoi duong are glutinous rice, black bean, ginger, sesame, peanut, banana leaf, sugar. It is a difficult recipe because it takes many steps to make Xoi duong. Soak glutinous rice and black bean overnight, then drain them off, add a little salt to the glutinous rice. Cook black bean in water with some sugar until tender but not broken. Water turns black after cooking the black bean. Soak glutinous rice in the black liquid for a few hours to make the rice black. Steam the mixture of glutinous rice and cooked black bean for about 30 minutes, add sugar and mashed ginger and stir well, continue steaming. The steamed glutinous rice with black bean will be ready in 5 minutes.

It is time to mold the food using a rectangular cuboid shaped mold. Cover the bottom of the mold with a thin layer of toasted sesame. Cover the  steamed glutinous rice with black bean with another thin layer of toasted sesame and crushed peanuts after molding. Cut the rectangular cuboid shaped Xoi duong into smaller pieces and serve them.

Not similar to most of the Vietnamese steamed glutinous rices including Steamed glutinous rice with black bean which are served on banana leaf or a plate, topped with sugar, peanuts, sesame, meat, Vietnamese pork roll, pickles, etc., Sugar steamed glutinous rice is cut into delicious pieces and served. Because Xoi duong is pressed and molded, the steamed sticky and black bean are stick well together and create firm pieces which are similar to a cake or candy and easy to be eaten by hand.

Xoi duong is mold and cut into pieces to serve

Although both Steamed glutinous rice with black bean and Xoi duong are made from glutinous rice, black bean, peanut, sesame, and sugar, they are different


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