Tet Market in Vietnam

Lunar New Year in Vietnam (also known as Vietnamese New Year, Tet Holiday or Tet) officially takes place for three days, from 1st to 3rd of January of the lunar calendar. However, before and after it, there are many activities having meaning and interesting. One of those activities is going to Tet Market. When does Tet Market in Vietnam happen? How is Tet Market different from the normal Market? Those are the problems that we need to know.

Every year, the Tet Market happens on December 28th, 29th and 30th of the lunar calendar (if enough month) or on December 27th, 28th, 29th (if missing month). In Vietnam, at present, in addition to traditional flea markets, there are modern supermarkets. All markets are busy because buyers need to prepare everything for an important holiday, and because all markets do not work on January 1st and 2nd of the lunar calendar.

At this time, all items are more than usual. Typical items of Tet Market are parallel sentence, peach blossom (in North Vietnam), apricot blossom (in South Vietnam), marigold, Kumquat, square glutinous rice cake (in North Vietnam) cylindric glutinous rice cake (in South Vietnam), pork, pickled onion, pickled small leek, watermelon, roasted watermelon seed, dried candied fruit. The goods on this occasion are more expensive than normal days.

Going to Tet Market is also an interesting thing. People get to buy flowers to decorate their houses for Tet days, get to buy delicious food to offer to the ancestors, service the relatives and friends. They get to watch the sight that everybody is buying and selling in a hurry, get to watch women and girls in nice clothes, and get to watch children following their mother to shop. All feel spring is coming back.

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