Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

On Saigon streets, you can stop anywhere to eat anything you want from noodles to barbecue, from savory foods and sweet foods, from main dishes to snacks. Saigon is a paradise of foods with hundreds of delicious foods from different regions in Vietnam. Just come to Saigon, you can enjoy flavorful Hue foods or delicious specialties of Hanoi. Over many years, Saigon cuisine becomes richer and richer with foods from other regions, countries and new foods. It seems to Saigon people that they don’t need to know what are Saigon specialty foods which originated in Saigon. I’ve collected all information of Saigon foods and listed Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Stir-fried Fertilized Duck Egg with Tamarind Sauce

Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Although Western people are afraid of eating fertilized duck egg, this food is very popular in South East Asia, including Vietnam. We don’t only boil the fertilized egg but also create many amazing receipts to make the fertilized duck egg tastier. The most favorite receipt is Stir-fried Fertilized Duck Egg with Tamarind Sauce. The sour taste comes from tamarind sauce is the highlight of this food. Stir-fried Fertilized Duck Egg with Tamarind Sauce is not only sour but also sweet which are the favorite taste of Saigon people. This food is more delicious if it’s served with Rau Ram – a spicy herb in Vietnam. Just try, I beg you’ll love it.

2. Noodles with Organs

Noodle Soup With Stewed Organs In Vietnam - Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Noodle with Organs is one of foods fear factors in the world on Western magazines. However, it is one of the most popular Saigon specialty foods. Saigon people have fallen in love with pig and beef’s liver, gut, stomach… The organs must be stewed with many ingredients for many hours before being served with noodles because they’re very tough. The taste may be strange to Western but it’s really delicious.

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3. Cu Chi Beef

Cu Chi Beef - Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi region in Ho Chi Minh City is famous for Cu Chi tunnels – a great evidence of Vietnam’s heroic and heart-breaking war against foreign invaders. Cu Chi is also well-known with beef which has become ingredients in many eating places in Saigon. Cu Chi beef is not only tender but also touch. One of the most favorites dishes from Cu Chi beef is boiled beef shank wrapped in rice paper. It’s been said that the simplest receipt is the tastiest dish. You can feel the real taste of Cu Chi beef if it’s cooked without any spices. Slices of boiled beef is wrapped in rice paper with herbs, then the roll is dipped into fish sauce. It’s better to eat this food with some beer. Other delicious receipts are grilled beef and beef salad with banana blossom.

4. Bo Bia

Bo Bia In Vietnam - Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Bo Bia is similar to Fresh Spring Roll which is well-known by many visitors to Vietnam. If you have a local friend or join a food tour in Saigon, you may have a chance to enjoy a hidden food from foreigners – Bo Bia. Boiled jicama, Vietnamese sausage, dried shrimp and salad are wrapped in rice paper into a small roll. The sauce is made from black bean paste, chili, pickles, peanuts, and deep-fried onion. The wonderful taste and cheap price are the reasons which make this food popular among students. Bo Bia is usually sold at small food stalls on the streets so that it’s easy to stop and buy it on a motorbike.

5. Goat Curry

Curried Goat Or Cari De In Saigon - Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Goat meat, sweet potato are cooked until being tender in a flavorful sauce with curry, coconut cream, coconut water, sweet potato, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and pepper. We love to eat Goat Curry with bread or rice noodle. It’s totally different from other curry dishes you’ve ever tasted.

6. Com Chay Cha Bong

Com Chay Cha Bong - Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Com Chay Cha Bong 3

Com Chay Cha Bong one of Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City. Com Chay Cha Bong is deep-fried steamed rice, topped with pork jerky, dried shrimp and chopped green onion. It’s one of the most popular snacks in South Vietnam. It’s easy to buy this food in the city because it’s sold in convenient stores, markets, supermarkets… The crispy deep-fried steamed rice and delicious pork jerky and dried shrimp will win your heart and make you keep eating it.

7. Mixed Rice Paper

Mixed Rice Paper Salad 2 - Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

Rice paper, cut into strips, is the main ingredient of this food. The simple receipt is rice paper strips mixed with special salt from Tay Ninh and kumquat juice. Rice paper strips, beef jerky, mango strips, boiled quail egg, dried shrimp and special sauce are used to make a wonderful snack. Each portion is served in a plastic bag, dinners can mix the ingredients themselves or the sellers will help them to do that. In Saigon, Nguyen Thuong Hien street is famous for many Mixed Rice Paper stalls next to each other.

8. Quail Egg Cake

Quail Egg Cake (or Banh Trung Cut) has just appeared in Saigon but it has become a favorite snack but it couldn’t be missed in the list of Top 10 Specialty Foods in Ho Chi Minh City. Banh Trung Cut is fried on a special small pan before being topped with chopped green onion, dried tiny shrimp, pork jerky, chili sauce, tomato paste, and mayonnaise. It will leave a big memory on your trip to Ho Chi Minh City to see how they cook a Quail Egg Cake and eat it right on the street.

9. Sweet Soup with Tea and Egg

Sweet Soup With Egg And Tea

Have you ever eaten a sweet egg or eat an egg with tea? It’s weird but Saigon people love to eat like that. We have a very funny receipt – Sweet Soup with Tea and Egg. The boiled egg is cooked in tea for about 2 hours and sugar is added later. I beg that you couldn’t imagine how it tastes and I couldn’t describe the flavor for you. The only way to try this exotic food is to travel to Saigon.

10. Longan Ice Cream

Ice Cream With Longan In Saigon

Ice cream is a favorite dessert of many people around the world so that many tourists think that they will not eat ice cream in Vietnam. But Longan Icecream is worth a try. Longan meat is ground and used to make ice cream with creme, milk, coconut cream. The ice cream is served with shredded long meat and peanut topped on it.


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