Top 5+ places to spend Chrismas in Ho Chi Minh City

Noel is probably the best time of the year with sparkling lights, chilly air, and sparkling pine trees. Winter is about to “knock on the door” but you still do not know where to play in HCM City on Noel 2020. Don’t worry we will share with you the best places to enjoy the exciting Saigon Christmas Eve! I would like to share with you Top 5+ places to spend Chrismas in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. The most beautiful churches

If asked where to go to play in Ho Chi Minh City on Christmas, everyone immediately thought of churches. Saigon owns extremely large and unique; however, not everyone knows which church is best decorated. According to our experience, churches in crowded parish areas will often be decorated elaborately. Below we tell you the most beautiful churches on Christmas to attend or to visit.

1.1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Possessing beautiful and unique architecture, Notre Dame Cathedral on Christmas occasion becomes even more magnificent by colorful lights, brilliant pine trees, and an extremely bustling atmosphere from the flow of attendees. Notre Dame Cathedral is a destination not to be missed on Christmas |

1.2. The Redemptorist Church

The Redemptorist Church is one of the major churches in District 3, HCMC. So this is also one of the invested churches decorated with lights and miniatures in both the church area and the outside campus. Here you can immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere, take pictures or admire the unique Christmas performances before the Mass celebration. Redemptorist church and interesting performances on Christmas Eve

1.3. Tan Dinh Church

Tan Dinh Church is a famous check-in place in Ho Chi Minh City with domestic and foreign tourists thanks to the pink “prominent” in the middle of the street. At Christmas, this is also one of the parishes with a series of pine trees, miniatures and sparkling lights from the top of the bell tower. Just standing from a distance, you can take pictures of Christmas style!

Tan Dinh Church is like a fairy tale castle under the lights

2. The most beautiful Christian neighborhoods

Christmas is an important holiday for Christians, so not only churches but also Catholic neighborhoods will simultaneously “change into new clothes” on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas-specific pictures

One “secret” to check-in parishes is to come here between 18:00 – 19:00! This is the time when the houses light and the visitors are not too crowded, too perfect for a sparkling picture with a “clean” background.

2.1. Pham The Hien Christian neighborhoods

Pham The Hien Parish in District 8 is considered one of the most sparkling parish every Christmas; From the beginning of the road to the end of the alley, there were glittering lights. Each house chooses its own decorative style, where it is a pine tree, another place is a snowman, a cave, or even a model of a big Santa next to the reindeer.

The peaceful scene of the neighbors in the Christmas season

2.2. Go Vap Parish

Go Vap Parish has the scale of the Catholic community in Go Vap is very crowded. Go Vap Parish is in the area of Le Duc Tho, Thong Nhat, Pham Van Chieu streets, … You can walk around these roads and choose the best scenery to take photos, or simply admire the dazzling Christmas lights.

The corners to take pictures beautifully in Go Vap Parish

2.3. Xom Chieu Parish

The area of Xom Chieu Church in District 4 has “scored” with many young people with the title “Food Paradise”. At Christmas, Xom Chieu Church and the streets were shimmering. Just watching the lights and being able to enjoy delicious – nutritious – cheap street food at Xóm Chieu in Noel, what is better, right?

Watching the lights while enjoying delicious food, which is hard to resist at Xom Chieu

3. Trade centers

You wonder where to go to play in Ho Chi Minh City on Christmas 2020, Where you can take pictures and eat and drink, but avoid traffic jams, the shopping centers will be the perfect choice for you.

3.1. Diamond Plaza

Diamond Plaza is a shopping center with a prime location right at Le Duan Street, District 1. Every Christmas, Diamond Plaza attracts many tourists to visit, photographed by ornate windows. Another plus point is that from Diamond Plaza you can walk to see the lights at Notre Dame Cathedral just a few steps away.

Diamond Plaza with brilliant window frames

3.2. Takashimaya

It can be said that Takashimaya is the most beautiful place to play Noel in Ho Chi Minh City with luxurious and large-scale decoration. Coming to Takashimaya, you will feel the Christmas atmosphere from every corner. Takashimaya is also a mall with a wide variety of dining and entertainment options for you.

Takashimaya with the background to take beautiful pictures like a foreign country

4. The most beautiful streets

The most beautiful streets Walking on Christmas Eve is also a fun activity as the streets will be busier than ever. Spend Christmas evenings leisurely on the windy streets, enjoy the rare cool air in Saigon, and watch the traffic flow, why not?

4.1. Phu My Hung

Although there are not many parishioners, Phu My Hung residents still decorate their houses. Walking around Phu My Hung on Christmas eve is like exploring the kingdom of light with sparkling lights from magnificent villas. some families also invest in a Christmas orchestra, which ensures the joy of home visitors.

Admiring the villas in Phu My Hung in the Christmas season

4.2. Starlight Bridge

The area of Starlight Bridge and Creset Mall in District 7 is a great place to walk on Christmas Eve. This is a specially designed bridge, the lighting system is right on the bridge, which gives visitors the feeling of walking in the middle of the galaxy. Both the Starlight Bridge and the Creset Mall are also home to large-scale winter festivals that are extremely bustling.

The enchanting Blue Christmas event was held near Starlight Bridge area

4.3. Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter, Nguyen Hue Walking Street is also a suitable place to take a walk. In the pedestrian downtown area, there are often lovely little scenes for taking photos or major music events. In addition, the streets around the pedestrian street also have many lovely cafes and restaurants, suitable for dining after an interesting walk.

A photo corner of lovely Noel at The Letter coffee on Nguyen Hue Street

4.4. Chinese Street

A place to play Noel in HCMC for “believers” shopping are streets in the area of the Chinese living in District 5: Luong Nhu Hoc, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, … These are the streets specializing in selling Christmas accessories, always crowded and colorful. You can visit these streets to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and buy some lovely items to decorate the house during the Christmas season.

Walking around the Chinatowns to own beautiful photos

4.5. Bui Vien Street

Bui Vien is a “West Quarter” bustling throughout the year with bars and restaurants; Noel season becomes even more “magnificent”. As an entertainment place for young people and international tourists, the shops at Bui Vien decorate to attract customers. Bui Vien is the perfect place to play Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City for those who love parties.

Enjoying a bustling Christmas night at Bui Vien

5. Places to experience cold winter

If you want to experience a very cold winter with snow, Saigon will not disappoint you. With the following Christmas locations in Saigon, it will be enough for you to have a cold Christmas season.

5.1. Snow town

Snow Town, also known as Saigon Snow Village, is an exciting Christmas place located in District 2. This snow village has a campus of more than 4000m2; Here you will immediately see the houses and branches covered with white snow. You can also participate in skiing, snowman shaping or transforming into a lovely snow angel.

Winter is as cold as ice in Snow Town

In the snow village, there are also many reasonably priced restaurants and cafes. With Snow Town you can have fun all day, eat and enjoy a “real” winter like Europe right in Saigon.

5.2. Ice Coffee

As a cafe, but unlike any other cafe because Ice Coffee is like a giant “freezer” filled with ice and snow. Coming to Ice Coffee, you will be dressed in warm fur coats, using drinking water in ice cups, sitting on tables and chairs also carved from ice. The cafe ice sculptures also add a nice background to your Christmas photos.

Cold space -10 degrees C at Ice Coffee

5.3. Vincom Thao Dien Ice Rink

Vincom Thao Dien ice rink is an interesting place to play Noel in Saigon for those who love to move. Coming to the ice rink you can enjoy an icy Christmas with an extremely enjoyable ice-skating experience. It is also equipped with full equipment for other winter sports such as hockey, ice dancing, … Families with young children can also let their children participate in ice skating activities with the lovely and safe seal slide.

Joining the fun ice skating right in District 2

Hopefully, our sharing has helped you answer the question where to play in HCM City on Noel 2020. Hopefully you will have a very happy and meaningful Christmas at the aforementioned locations.

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