Van Hanh Mall – Everything you need to know

Although Van Hanh Mall has just been open since January 2018, it has been one of the top shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City and attracted a large number of customers coming for different purposes. They are free to choose and buy clothes, accessories, household items, enjoy great foods and drinks at luxurious restaurants and cafes, find some good books, do yoga and fitness, or watch a movie, etc.

General information about Van Hanh Mall

Opening hours:

  • Shopping area: 9:30 – 22:00
  • CoopXtra Supermarket: 7:30 – 22:00
  • CGV Cinema: 8:00 – 2:30 (on the next day)
  • Power Bowl: 9:30 – 24:00
  • ILA English Center: 8:30 – 22:00 (Monday – Friday); 7:00 – 20:30 (Saturday – Sunday)
  • Starbucks Coffee: 7:00 – 22:00
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (Beer Bar): 9:00 – 23:00

Address: 11 Su Van Hanh Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. The mall is about 5 km from the center of District 1.

Tel: +84 28 3862 0930



Owner: Bac Binh Construction Investment Company Limited

Grand opening day: 25th January 2018

Total floor area of 55,000 m2; Number of floors: 1 basement and 7 ground over floors

Building and architecture of Van Hanh Mall

Bac Binh Construction Investment Company Limited invested 1,000 billion VND into Van Hanh Mall. On 25th January 2011, they announced the grand opening of Van Hanh Mall. The building has 1 basement and 7 ground over floors with a total floor area of 55,000 m2.

The building is a perfect blend of Western and Eastern architecture. The rectangular shape, grey and white, glass facade makes the building look modern and innovative. The glass and steel entrance canopy is a highlight in the building design. It protects customers from the rain in rainy season and usually decorated beautifully with umbrellas, Chrismas decorations, etc.

Van Hanh Mall

The modern glass facade of Van Hanh Mall.

Van Hanh Mall's entrance canopy

Van Hanh Mall’s entrance canopy is decorated beautifully at Chrismas.

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What is inside Van Hanh Mall?

Van Hanh Mall houses more than 200 retail stores from reliable international and domestic brands, about 50 favorite restaurant and cafe brands. Van Hanh Mall provides full services including shopping, entertainment, education, dining, spa and fitness.

Products and services are divided into the following categories: Cosmetic & Fragrance, Fashion & Accessories, Watch & Jewelry, Health & Beauty Care, Sport Fashion, Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Service, Lifestyle Store, Education, Children Fashion, Homeware & Furniture, Travel, Toys & Children, Fitness Center, Supermarket.

Floor Guide Map

Van Hanh Mall

B: Supermarket, Food & Beverage, Watch & Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories, Cosmetic & Fragrance, Entertainment & Service, Lifestyle Store

Van Hanh Mall

L1: Cosmetic & Fragrance, Fashion & Accessories, Watch & Jewelry, Health & Beauty Care, Sport Fashion, Food & Beverage

Van Hanh Mall

L2: Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle Store, Sport Fashion

Van Hanh Mall

L3: Fashion & Accessories, Education, Children Fashion, Homeware & Furniture, Travel, Toys & Children, Lifestyle Store

Van Hanh Mall

L4: Homeware & Furniture, Toys & Children, Health & Beauty Care, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle Store

Van Hanh Mall

L5: Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Service

Van Hanh Mall

L6: Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Service

Van Hanh Mall

L7: Office, Fitness Center

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Facilities and services of Van Hanh Mall


The parking area of Van Hanh Mall spreads over 9 floors (including some mezzanines) from the basement to the 5th floor and has a capacity for more than 3,000 motorbikes and 350 cars.

Information counter

Information counter’s staffs provide the customer with all information about the mall including direction, free services, promotions, etc.

Free wifi

Free wifi at the mall help customers surf the internet easily and feel more comfortable while shopping in the mall.


Customers can withdraw VND cash from the ATMs are located on the ground floor.


Wheelchairs are available for disabled people

Baby room

Baby rooms are available in restroom areas so that customers with babies can take care of their children better.

Charge area

Now customers are not worried about their phone’s batteries running out while shopping because Van Hanh Mall offers free charge areas.

What to do at Van Hanh Mall?

Go shopping

The biggest part of Van Hanh Mall perhaps retail stores selling cosmetics, fragrances, fashion, accessories including watches and jewelry. These stores spread over the basement B, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors where customers are lost into the world of newly designed products and attractive promotions.

Pierre Cardin, Labella, Rabitty, Idigo at Van Hanh Mall

Pierre Cardin selling clothes and accessories, Labella selling womenswear and accessories, Rabitty selling clothes for children, Idigo selling handbags, purses

Lock&Lock,, Miniso, My Kingdom at Van Hanh Mall

Lock&Lock household products store, Miniso – lifestyle store, My Kingdom – toy store

Enjoy delicious foods

Customers are not easy to choose restaurants and cafes at Van Hanh Mall because there are 50 brands on different floors. Restaurants serving menus of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, American, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Lao. Customers can choose to eat at the buffet or ala carte restaurants at their wish. Hot pot and/or BBQ buffet prices are from 199,000 to 400,000 VND. Most of the restaurants are located on the 5th and 6th floor which are always full of the smell of great dishes. Fast food restaurants such as Jolibee and Lotteria are located in the basement.

Texas Chicken, Lotteria, The Pizza Company, Pastamania at Van Hanh Mall

Texas Chicken, Lotteria, The Pizza Company, Pastamania

Thai Express, Gogi House, Chang Kang Kung, Long Monaco at Van Hanh Mall

Thai Express – Thai cuisine, Gogi House – Korean Grill, Chang Kang Kung – Hongkong Steamed dishes, Long Monaco – Vietnamese cuisine

Sip some drinks and relax at cafes

Van Hanh Mall has enough favorite coffee, tea, milk tea brands including Highlands Coffee, Tealive, Phuc Long Coffee & Tea, etc. Each cafe provides comfortable spaces for customers to sit and a menu of various drinks for them to choose.

Highlands Coffee, Bobapop, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins at Van Hanh Mall

Highlands Coffee, Bobapop Milk Tea, Dairy Queen Ice Cream & Fast Food, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

Go to Co.opXtra supermarket

On 18th January 2018, Saigon Co.op announced a grand opening of the 3rd Co.opXtra supermarket with a total area of nearly 10,000 m2. The supermarket sells more than 50,000 items which are divided into groups: foods, cosmetics, textile, household, electronics, sports equipment, bicycles, stationery, toys, etc. Besides products from Vietnam, the supermarket sells more than 10,000 items imported from Singapore, Korea, Japan, America, Australia, Newzealand, etc. Co.opXtra owns a kitchen, prepared food area and a dinning area where customers choose a place to sit and enjoy their meals.

Co.opXtra supermarket at Van Hanh Mall

Co.opXtra supermarket

Buy some good books at Phuong Nam Book City

This bookstore is named Phuong Nam Book City because it covers an area of 3,000 m2. Phuong Nam is one of top 2 bookstore chains in Vietnam, famous with beautiful design, great staffs and a large number of choices. Inspired by book cities in Europe, Phuong Nam Book City has wood brown as its dominant color which makes the atmosphere elegant and warm. The shelves of book, stationery and toys are arranged logically. This bookstore houses up to 1 million books. In addition, the bookstore has many places for customers to sit, even lie and relax. Area for kids and the book cafe are highlights of Phuong Nam Book City.

Phuong Nam Book Store at Van Hanh Mall

Phuong Nam Book Store

Do Yoga & Fitness at CitiGym

CitiGym – one of the top gym and fitness centers in Ho Chi Minh City owns Vietnam’s biggest indoor fitness center, with a total area of 6,000 m2. The center has modern equipment from famous brands including Body Styku Scanner- the first 3D body map in Southeast Asia, Esmart Lock intelligent key, weights from LesMills, Octane equipment, etc.

Entertain at PowerBowl 388 Game Center

This Game center covers a large area of the 5th floor, it consists of a bowling area, game zone with dozens of game machines and a kid zone.

PowerBowl 388 Van Hanh Mall

PowerBowl 388.

Bowling area Van Hanh mall

Bowling area.


Watch a movie at CGV Cineplex

CGV Cinemplex Van Hanh Mall is famous for a large waiting area with soft sofas and chairs, many cinema rooms, including the biggest room with a capacity for 440 people.

CGV cineplex at Van Hanh Mall

CGV Cineplex

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